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Circuit Interruption: Theory and Techniques

August 28, 1984

Here-in one current, comprehensive source-is a wealth of both theoretical and practicalinformation on circuit interruption. Twenty-two authorities at the leading edge of researchand development provide a solid grasp of circuit breaker design and performance... and that's knowledge you can put to...

Gear Drive Systems: Design and Application

Peter Lynwander
June 08, 1983


Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook

Di Giovanni
January 29, 1982

Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook provides simple, useful methods for diaphragmdesign, performance evaluation, and material selection. The text is a practical andcomplete guide to solving on-the-job problems faced by instrument designers; structural engineersdesigning plates, panels,...

Electro-Optics Handbook

G. R. Elion
October 01, 1979