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What Every Engineer Should Know about Robots

1st Edition

March 27, 1984

This book summarizes the technology and economics of robotics. It aims to provide sufficient data background so that the technologists can help in deciding about a corporate investment in robotics....

Gear Drive Systems: Design and Application

1st Edition

Peter Lynwander
June 08, 1983

This book presents practical gearbox design and application information to individuals responsible for the specification and operation of mechanical systems incorporating gear drives. It focuses on parallel shaft and planetary units using spur and helical gearing....

Electromagnetic Compossibility, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

Heinz M. Schlicke
May 26, 1982

This book addresses one of the most pressing, controversial, and misunderstood areas of electrical engineering: the cost-effective prevention of electromagnetic interference and hazards in automated industrial systems. It focuses on civilian noncommunication environment....

Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook

1st Edition

Di Giovanni
January 29, 1982

Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook provides simple, useful methods for diaphragmdesign, performance evaluation, and material selection. The text is a practical andcomplete guide to solving on-the-job problems faced by instrument designers; structural engineersdesigning plates, panels,...

Hybrid Circuit Design and Manufacture

1st Edition

January 29, 1982

This book provides a basic understanding of the design guidelines for a wide range of hybrid circuits, both thick and thin film, covering a wide range of frequencies. It is intended for electronic engineering designers and design managers who seek a background in hybrid technology....

What Every Engineer Should Know about Inventing

1st Edition

September 01, 1981

This book provides the reader with the information they need to develop into a person who seeks creative opportunities and responds with elegant inventions. It is intended for young inventor and to all those who have the talent and the desire to invent....

Oracls: a Design System for Linear Multivariable Control

1st Edition

September 01, 1980

This book describes a computational system for designing linear feedback control laws and filters for linear time-variant multivariable differential or difference equation state vector models. It presents numerical examples to illustrate the use of ORACLS to solve selected design problems....

Electro-Optics Handbook

1st Edition

G. R. Elion
October 01, 1979

This handbook covers the entire practice of electro-optic engineering, and is prepared as a service to the entire engineering profession. It is useful for industry, military practice, engineering education, and technical training....

Fiber Optics in Communications Systems

1st Edition

March 01, 1978

This book discusses in detail fiber optic communications systems. It describes major components including fibers, cables, emission sources, detectors, modulators, and repeaters, as well as total system designs....

Applied Optimal Control: Optimization, Estimation and Control

1st Edition

A. E. Bryson
January 01, 1975

This best-selling text focuses on the analysis and design of complicated dynamics systems. CHOICE called it “a high-level, concise book that could well be used as a reference by engineers, applied mathematicians, and undergraduates. The format is good, the presentation clear, the diagrams...

CRC Handbook of Tables for Applied Engineering Science

2nd Edition

Ray E. Bolz
May 15, 1973

New tables in this edition cover lasers, radiation, cryogenics, ultra-sonics, semi-conductors, high-vacuum techniques, eutectic alloys, and organic and inorganic surface coating. Another major addition is expansion of the sections on engineering materials and compos-ites, with detailed indexing by...