Engineering - Electrical

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Multidimensional Systems: Techniques and Applications

1st Edition

February 12, 1986


What Every Engineer Should Know about Engineering Workstations

1st Edition

Justin E. Harlow III
January 10, 1986


Waves in Focal Regions: Propagation, Diffraction and Focusing of Light, Sound and Water Waves

1st Edition

J.J Stamnes
January 01, 1986

Using numerous mathematical and numerical techniques of diffraction theory, Waves in Focal Regions: Propagation, Diffraction and Focusing of Light, Sound and Water Waves provides a full and richly illustrated description of waves in focal regions. Unlike most books, the author treats...

Laser Beam Scanning: Opto-Mechanical Devices, Systems, and Data Storage Optics

1st Edition

December 06, 1985

Written in an easy-to-read style, this comprehensive guide examines the currentknowledge on opto-mechanical laser beam scanning technology.Combining theoretical and practical aspects, Laser Beam Scanning discusses theapplications, performance, and design of holographic, polygonal, galvanometric,...

Energy from the Biomass: Third EC conference

1st Edition

W. Palz, Hugh Coombs, D.O. Hall
September 01, 1985

This book is based on third European Conference on Energy from Biomass held in Venice. It covers energy security, environmental aspects, relieving the overproduction in some agricultural sectors and creation of jobs in rural areas....

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Design

1st Edition

August 26, 1985

This book provides a detailed investigation of steady-state "eddy current" analysis and electromechanical processes relying on low frequency electromagnetic induction. It also presents classical one- and two-dimensional formulations for coils, cables, and induction motors....

Infrared Methods for Gaseous Measurements

1st Edition

June 25, 1985


Digital Circuits: Logic and Design

1st Edition

March 19, 1985

This textbook is intended to introduce the student of electronics to the fundamentals of digital circuits, both combinational and sequential, in a reasonable and systematic manner. It proceeds from basic logic concepts to circuits and designs....

Energy Savings by Wastes Recycling

1st Edition

R. Porter, T. Roberts
March 01, 1985

This book contains the findings of a study, which examines the potential energy savings available to the Commission of the European Communities through the recovery of selected waste materials. It identifies the principal institutional, operational and technical constraints to further recovery....

Ceramic Dielectrics and Capacitors

1st Edition

J.M. Herbert
January 01, 1985

Detailed study of the composition, physical properties, and manufacturing methods of ceramic dielectrics and capacitors in light of recent commercial developments and influences. Covers the essential theory and applications for electrical engineers wanting informed insight into the characteristics,...

Instrumentation for Heavy Ion Nuclear Research

1st Edition

Dan Shapira
January 01, 1985

Reflecting recent innovations in heavy ion detection systems, this volume presents the state of the art in these systems and discusses plans and techniques for new instrumentation to explore the newest frontier of heavy ion science—relativistic heavy ions. Covers mass detectors, the GSI magnetic...

Switch Mode Power Conversion: Basic Theory and Design

1st Edition

K. Kit Sum
October 30, 1984

This book presents the fundamentals of switch mode power converters with insights into design aspects, providing elementary explanations of basic concepts of analysis, testing, and measurements of the converters. It is intended for power electronics engineers....