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Digital Image Processing Methods

1st Edition

January 12, 1994

This unique reference presents in-depth coverage of the latest methods and applications of digital image processing describing various computer architectures ideal for satisfying specific image processing demands....

Design and Fabrication of Acousto-Optic Devices

1st Edition

January 06, 1994

This work offers detailed discussions on all aspects of acousto-optic deflectors, modulators and tunable filters, emphasizing hands-on procedures for design, fabrication and testing. It contains previously unpublished treatments of acousto-optic device design and impedance matching, permitting the...

Handbook of Surface Metrology

1st Edition

David J. Whitehouse
January 01, 1994

Written by the leading authority in the subject, Handbook of Surface Metrology covers every conceivable aspect of measuring and characterizing a surface. Focusing both on theory and practice, the book provides useful guidelines for the design of precision instruments and presents data on the...

Neural Networks and Simulation Methods

1st Edition

December 14, 1993

This work explains network dynamics, learning paradigms, and computational capabilities of feedforward, self-organization, and feedback neural network models-addressing specific problems such as data fusion and data modeling. It goes on to describe a neural network simulation software package -...

Robotic Simulation

1st Edition

Daniel L. Ryan
November 24, 1993

Computer simulation of high-cost applications, especially those involving massive amounts of robotic equipment, is much more efficient than traditional laboratory means. This new textbook presents procedures that make an important contribution to the effective use of automated manufacturing. It...

Manipulation RobotsDynamics, Control, and Optimization

1st Edition

Felix L. Chernousko, Nikolai N. Bolotnik, Valery G. Gradetsky
November 24, 1993

Addresses challenging aspects of robotics research, including the dynamics of robots with elastic parts and optimal control of manipulators. Basics in kinematics, dynamics, drives, and control and sensor systems are discussed. To more efficiently evaluate the elastic compliance of robots and their...

State Estimation for Dynamic Systems

1st Edition

Felix L. Chernousko
November 09, 1993

State Estimation for Dynamic Systems presents the state of the art in this field and discusses a new method of state estimation. The method makes it possible to obtain optimal two-sided ellipsoidal bounds for reachable sets of linear and nonlinear control systems with discrete and continuous time....

Industrial Noise Control: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition

2nd Edition

October 28, 1993

Illustrates the latest solutions to real problems occurring in industry, buildings, and communities. Second Edition offers many more 13roblem sets and end-of-chapter exercises as well as up-to-the-minute coverage of new topics....

Advanced Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Applications

1st Edition

Glenn Zelniker, Fred J. Taylor
October 28, 1993

Provides a detailed treatment of the concepts and applications of advanced digital signal processing....

Process Control Engineering

1st Edition

A. Ramachandro. Rao
October 21, 1993


Fuzzy Control Systems

1st Edition

Abraham Kandel, Gideon Langholz
September 27, 1993

Fuzzy Control Systems explores one of the most active areas of research involving fuzzy set theory. The contributors address basic issues concerning the analysis, design, and application of fuzzy control systems. Divided into three parts, the book first devotes itself to the general theory of fuzzy...

Molecular Electronics and Molecular Electronic Devices, Volume II

1st Edition

Kristof Sienicki
September 27, 1993

Molecular Electronics and Molecular Electronic Devices is a book that provides a comprehensive review of current problems and information regarding aspects of molecular electronics and molecular electronic devices. Experimental and theoretical aspects of molecular electronics and molecular...