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Supercomputing in Engineering Analysis

Hojjat Adeli
September 25, 1991

The first volume in this new series has a companion in volume 2 (unseen), Parallel processing in computational mechanics . The first six contributions present general aspects of supercomputing from both hardware and software engineering points of view. Subsequent chapters discuss homotopy algorithms...

Switching Phenomena in High-Voltage Circuit Breakers

August 30, 1991

Showing the relation of physics to circuit interruption technology, describes for engineers the switching phenomena, test procedures, and applications of modern, high-voltage circuit breakers, especially SF, gas-blast, and the vacuum types used in medium-voltage ranges. Applies the physical arc mode...

Handbook of Electronic Package Design

Michael Pecht
August 16, 1991

Both a handbook for practitioners and a text for use in teaching electronic packaging concepts, guidelines, and techniques. The treatment begins with an overview of the electronics design process and proceeds to examine the levels of electronic packaging and the fundamental issues in the development...

Handbook of Infrared Optical Materials

Paul Klocek
July 19, 1991

First Published in 2017. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company....

The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications: Volume 2 - Batteries to Codes-Telecommunications

Fritz E. Froehlich, Allen Kent
June 21, 1991

"The only continuing source that helps users analyze, plan, design, evaluate, and manage integrated telecommunications networks, systems, and services, The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications presents both basic and technologically advanced knowledge in the field. An ideal reference...

A Handbook of Circuit Math for Technical Engineers

Robert L. Libbey
June 05, 1991

A Handbook of Circuit Mathematics for Technical Engineers is designed to provide students and practicing engineers a reference regarding the background and technique for solving most problems in circuit analysis. Using hundreds of equations and examples, the book covers topics ranging from the...

Intelligent Robotic Systems

June 03, 1991

A multiplicity of techniques and angles of attack are incorporated in 18 contributions describing recent developments in the structure, architecture, programming, control, and implementation of industrial robots capable of performing intelligent action and decision making. Annotation copyright Book...

Essential Engineering Equations

Syed A. Nasar, Clayton R. Paul
February 26, 1991

Linear, simultaneous algebraic equations, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations; and difference equations are the four most common types of equations encountered in engineering. This book provides methods for solving general equations of all four types and draws examples...

Actuators for Control

January 28, 1991


Designing with Analog Switches

Steve Moore
January 07, 1991

A practical guide for design engineers especially those involved with digital/analog interfaces to how analog switches and multiplexers work, how to design with them, and how to select the best device for a particular application. Circuit diagrams illustrate the best applications in terms of the sys...

Contamination Effects on Electronic Products

January 07, 1991

The technology for preventing and mitigating contamination of electronic products is reviewed in four major ways: the types and sources of contaminants; typical contamination effects; contamination removal methods; and contamination prevention through design, process, product protection, and testing...

KDP - Family Single Crystals

L.N Rashkovich
January 01, 1991

The KDP family of single crystals is composed of compounds of alkali metals with light or heavy (hydro, deutero) water and oxides of phosphate or arsenate, including ammonium, potassium, rubidium and caesium dihydro- and dideutero-phosphates, and similar arsenates. While not occurring in nature,...