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Optical Materials: Volume 1:

July 02, 1990


Integrated Packaging Systems for Transportation and Distribution

June 12, 1990

Identifies the cost sensitive areas for each activity in the logistical system. Illustrates how packaging in addition to protecting and preserving contents can affect total system cost efficiency if designed to adapt well to unitized shipping methods and equipment: efficiently utilize warehouse stor...

Image Analysis Applications

Rangacha Kasturi
May 25, 1990


Robot Technology and Applications

May 25, 1990

Introduces designers to hardware and software tools necessary for planning, laying out, and building advanced robot-based manufacturing cells surveying the available technology for creating innovative machines suitable to individual needs. Considers assembly system simulation, task-oriented programm...

Lightning Electromagnetics

Robert Gardner
May 01, 1990

A survey of theoretical and experimental research, this book covers all areas of lightning phenomenology. The four sections cover models of fundamental lightning processes, propagation of lightning-induced signals, measurement of lightning parameters, and lightning interaction with systems. The...

In-Process Measurement and Control

Stephen Murphy
April 27, 1990


Distributed Computer Control Systems in Industrial Automation

Dobrivojie Popovic, Vijay P. Bhatkar
March 30, 1990

A reference guide for professionals or text for graduate and postgraduate students, this volume emphasizes practical designs and applications of distributed computer control systems. It demonstrates how to improve plant productivity, enhance product quality, and increase the safety, reliability, and...

Particle Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing

January 26, 1990

There is something Alice-in-Wonderlandish about powerful and vital computer systems being shut down by a microscopic mote that a hay-feverist wouldn't sneeze at, but as computer chips get smaller, smaller and smaller particles on their surface have a larger and larger effect on their performance. In...

Large-Scale Systems Control and Decision Making

H. Tamura
January 19, 1990

Six contributors from Japanese universities explore the basic theory and methodology of control and decision making in systems that either contain many variables or have some special characteristics such as multiple subsystems or control stations, a decentralized and/or hierarchical information stru...

Laser Ultrasonics Techniques and Applications

C.B Scruby, L.E Drain
January 01, 1990

The first book devoted to laser techniques in the generation and reception of ultrasonic waves in materials, Laser Ultrasonics: Techniques and Applications provides a full description of the state of the art in all fields involving both lasers and ultrasonics. This practical book focuses mainly on...

Millimetre-Wave Optics, Devices and Systems

J.C.G Lesurf
January 01, 1990

The millimetre-wavelength region of the electromagnetic spectrum is increasingly exploited for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications. Conventionally, this region is considered as lying "above" microwaves and "below" the infrared. Hence, in practice, millimetre-wave...