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Large-Scale Systems Control and Decision Making

1st Edition

H. Tamura
January 19, 1990

Six contributors from Japanese universities explore the basic theory and methodology of control and decision making in systems that either contain many variables or have some special characteristics such as multiple subsystems or control stations, a decentralized and/or hierarchical information stru...

Laser Ultrasonics Techniques and Applications

1st Edition

C.B Scruby, L.E Drain
January 01, 1990

The first book devoted to laser techniques in the generation and reception of ultrasonic waves in materials, Laser Ultrasonics: Techniques and Applications provides a full description of the state of the art in all fields involving both lasers and ultrasonics. This practical book focuses mainly on...

Millimetre-Wave Optics, Devices and Systems

1st Edition

J.C.G Lesurf
January 01, 1990

The millimetre-wavelength region of the electromagnetic spectrum is increasingly exploited for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications. Conventionally, this region is considered as lying "above" microwaves and "below" the infrared. Hence, in practice, millimetre-wave...

Photovoltaic Engineering Handbook

1st Edition

F Lasnier
January 01, 1990

The Photovoltaic Engineering Handbook is the first book to look closely at the practical problems involved in evaluating and setting up a photovoltaic (PV) power system. The author's comprehensive knowledge of the subject provides a wealth of theoretical and practical insight into the different...

Signal Recovery from Noise in Electronic Instrumentation

2nd Edition

T.H Wilmshurst
January 01, 1990

Covering all aspects of the subject, Signal Recovery from Noise in Electronic Instrumentation, Second Edition examines the interference involved with instruments that employ electronic techniques to measure physical quantities, including random fluctuations from thermal or background sources and...

Compounts Semiconductors: Growth, Processing and Devices

1st Edition

Paul H. Holloway, Timothy J. Anderson
December 27, 1989

This book provides a review of the state-of-the-advancing-art in growth, processing and devices from compound semiconductors. Consisting of the proceedings of an important topical conference held at the University of Florida, speakers from both the U.S. and Japan were present. This fascinating...

Linear Circuits: Systems and Signal Processing: Advanced Theory and Applications

1st Edition

November 27, 1989

This book documents the significant progress in studies concerning linear circuits and systems, including their applications to digital filters, in Japan. It considers rational approximations in circuit and system theory and deals with the digital lattice filters used in digital signal processing....

Practical Laser Safety

2nd Edition

November 13, 1989

Contains the latest revision of ANSI standards for safe use of lasers. A workbench guide that explains how a laser works, what a laser beam can do to biological tissue and eyewear lenses, and how to work safely with lasers. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or....

Single-Mode Fiber Optics: Prinicples and Applications, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

October 23, 1989

A basic, unified reference, rather than a description of the current experimental activity, presenting the scientific and engineering principles of single-mode optical fibers. It does, however, update discussions to reflect developments since the 1983 first edition, particularly those spurred by the...

Computer Integrated Electronics Manufacturing and Testing

1st Edition

September 01, 1989

Describes this process at it relates to the electronics industry, focusing on such areas as printed wiring boards, networking, automatic assembly, surface mount technology, tape automated bonding, bar coding, and electro-static discharge. Also studies the effects of group work ethics as a factor in...

Measurement and Instrumentation in Engineering: Principles and Basic Laboratory Experiments

1st Edition

Francis S. Tse, Ivan E. Morse
July 28, 1989

Presenting a mathematical basis for obtaining valid data, and basic concepts inmeasurement and instrumentation, this authoritative text is ideal for a one-semesterconcurrent or independent lecture/laboratory course.Strengthening students' grasp of the fundamentals with the most thorough,...

Lasers-Induced Plasmas and Applications

1st Edition

June 28, 1989

This book discusses the physics of plasma initiation and reviews the features of dissipating, propagating plasmas. It deals with advances in diagnostics for high-energy, laser-fusion plasmas. The book reviews the basic physical processes, plasma characteristics of the "continuous optical discharge"....