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Fet Technology and Application

E. S. Oxner
December 22, 1988


Electronic Product Design for Automated Manufacturing

Richard Stillwell
October 03, 1988

Analyzes all phases of the electronic product design process, including management, planning, quality control, design, manufacturing, and automation. A reference/textbook for students and professionals in such fields as electronics, manufacturing, circuit design, computer science. Annotation copyrig...

Energy Efficiency in Industry

J. Sirchis
August 04, 1988

Proceedings of a workshop organized by the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General for Energy, Berlin, Germany, 19-20 October 1987....

Power System Grounding and Transients: An Introduction

A.P. Sakis Meliopoulis
July 01, 1988

"This authoritative work presents detailed coverage of modern modeling and analysis techniques used in the design of electric power transmission systems -- emphasizing grounding and transients. It provides the theoretical background necessary for understanding problems related to grounding systems,...

Noise Control for Hydraulic Machinery

Stan Skaistis
May 27, 1988


Modern Bioelectricity

Andrew A. Marino
March 30, 1988


Controlling Electrohydraulic Systems

Wayne Anderson
January 29, 1988


Atomic Diffusion in III-V Semiconductors

Brian Tuck
January 01, 1988

III-V semiconductors, of which gallium arsenide is the best known, have been important for some years and appear set to become much more so in the future. They have principally contributed to two technologies: microwave devices and optoelectronics. Recent advances in the production of thin layers...

Prism and Lens Making, Second Edition: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers

Twyman F
January 01, 1988

Prism and Lens Making: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers, Second Edition is a unique compendium of the art and science of the optical working of glass for the production of mirrors, lenses, and prisms. Incorporating minor corrections and a foreword by Professor Walter Welford FRS, this reissue of...