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Process Control Engineering

A. Ramachandro. Rao
October 21, 1993


Fuzzy Control Systems

Abraham Kandel, Gideon Langholz
September 27, 1993

Fuzzy Control Systems explores one of the most active areas of research involving fuzzy set theory. The contributors address basic issues concerning the analysis, design, and application of fuzzy control systems. Divided into three parts, the book first devotes itself to the general theory of fuzzy...

Molecular Electronics and Molecular Electronic Devices, Volume II

Kristof Sienicki
September 27, 1993

Molecular Electronics and Molecular Electronic Devices is a book that provides a comprehensive review of current problems and information regarding aspects of molecular electronics and molecular electronic devices. Experimental and theoretical aspects of molecular electronics and molecular...

The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications: Volume 7 - Electrical Filters: Fundamentals and System Applications to Federal Communications Commission of the United States

Fritz E. Froehlich, Allen Kent
September 24, 1993

"The only continuing source that helps users analyze, plan, design, evaluate, and manage integrated telecommunications networks, systems, and services, The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications presents both basic and technologically advanced knowledge in the field. An ideal reference...

Heat Conversion Systems

Georg Alefeld, Reinhard Radermacher
September 09, 1993

Heat Conversion Systems develops the underlying concepts of advanced Rankine-based absorption and compression cycles and introduces the Building Block Approach as a general concept. The Building Block Approach identifies all cycle configurations for a given application to ensure that system...

Mechatronics: Electronics in Products and Processes

David Allan Bradley, Alan Loader, N.C. Burd, David Dawson
August 26, 1993

Mechatronics: Electronics in Products and Processes identifies the concepts which underpin the mechatronic approach to engineering design and brings together its principle components - sensors and transducers, embedded microprocessors, actuators and drives - to explore their interrelationships. The...

Generic Intelligent Driver Support

J A Michon
August 12, 1993


Organic Photoreceptors for Imaging Systems

August 05, 1993

This reference covers in detail the preparation and application of current and emerging organic materials used as xerographic photoreceptors, emphasizing the photo-electric properties of organic solids and evaluating their potential use in xerography.;Reviewing the development of xerography and the...

Pocket Book of Electrical Engineering Formulas

Richard C. Dorf, Ronald J. Tallarida
July 15, 1993

Pocket Book of Electrical Engineering Formulas provides key formulas used in practically all areas of electrical engineering and applied mathematics. This handy, pocket-sized guide has been organized by topic field to make finding information quick and easy. The book features an extensive index and...

Material Inhomogeneities in Elasticity

G.A. Maugin
July 01, 1993

Self contained, this book presents a thorough introduction to the complementary notions of physical forces and material (or configurational) forces. All the required elements of continuum mechanics, deformation theory and differential geometry are also covered. This book will be a great help to...

CAD for Control Systems

June 29, 1993

This comprehensive collection brings together current information on CAD for control systems including present and future trends in computer-aided design exploring the areas of modeling, simulation, simulation languages, environments, and design techniques. Presenting a systems approach to control d...

Computer-Assisted Simulation of Dynamic Systems with Block Diagram Languages

Nicholas M. Karayanakis
June 24, 1993

Computer-Assisted Simulation of Dynamic Systems with Block Diagram Languages explores the diverse applications of these indispensable simulation tools. The first book of its kind, it bridges the gap between block diagram languages and traditional simulation practice by linking the art of analog/...