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Modern Bioelectricity

Andrew A. Marino
March 30, 1988


Controlling Electrohydraulic Systems

Wayne Anderson
January 29, 1988


Atomic Diffusion in III-V Semiconductors

Brian Tuck
January 01, 1988

III-V semiconductors, of which gallium arsenide is the best known, have been important for some years and appear set to become much more so in the future. They have principally contributed to two technologies: microwave devices and optoelectronics. Recent advances in the production of thin layers...

Prism and Lens Making, Second Edition: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers

Twyman F
January 01, 1988

Prism and Lens Making: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers, Second Edition is a unique compendium of the art and science of the optical working of glass for the production of mirrors, lenses, and prisms. Incorporating minor corrections and a foreword by Professor Walter Welford FRS, this reissue of...

Photons Nonlinear Optics

D.N. Klyshko
January 01, 1988

This book provides an introduction to quantum optics for experimental physicists and for college students who have studied quantum mechanics. Its distinguishing feature is its emphasis on multimode fields with correlating different-frequency modes, notably on their phenomenological description and...

HF Communications: A Systems Approach

Nicholas M Maslin
December 31, 1987

Communications using the high frequency spectrum (2-30 MHz) have experienced a considerable resurgence. In recent years, powerful microcomputers and VLSI technology have greatly enhanced the prospects of overcoming many of the unique problems that formerly afflicted the HF systems More...designer....

Handbook of Molecular Lasers

Peter Cheo
August 31, 1987


Systolic Signal Processing Systems

E. Swartzlander
August 31, 1987


Fundamentals of Robotics

David Ardayfio
May 29, 1987


Adaptive Control Systems: Techniques and Applications

April 29, 1987

impossible to access. It has been widely scattered in papers, reports, and proceedings ofsymposia, with different authors employing different symbols and terms. But now thereis a book that covers all aspects of this dynamic topic in a systematic manner.Featuring consistent terminology and...