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High Temperature Electronics

F. Patrick McCluskey, Thomas Podlesak, Richard Grzybowski
December 13, 1996

The development of electronics that can operate at high temperatures has been identified as a critical technology for the next century. Increasingly, engineers will be called upon to design avionics, automotive, and geophysical electronic systems requiring components and packaging reliable to 200 °...

Visualization Methods in High Performance Computing and Flow Simulation: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Visualization, Paderborn

Borchers, Domick, Kröner, Saupe
December 01, 1996

The developments of new algorithms in applied mathematics, of new concepts in computer sciences, and of new hardware in computer technology have led to an immense output of data streams describing the solutions of important physical or technological problems. In order to understand and to explore...

Acousto-Optics, Second Edition

Adrian Korpel
November 06, 1996

Revised and updated, this second edition first explains heuristically the physics of acousto-optics before presenting the mathematics of the formal theory. The material is integrated to illustrate and promote the development of new ideas, concepts, theories, inventions and devices. The text also...

Radar Systems Principles

Harold R. Raemer
October 30, 1996

In planning a radar system, having the proper mathematical modeling of propagation effects, clutter, and target statistics is essential. Radar Systems Principles provides a strong theoretical basis for the myriad of formulas and rules of thumb required for analysis, conceptual design, and...

Magnetization Oscillations and Waves

Alexander G. Gurevich, Gennadii A. Melkov
September 17, 1996

Written by two well-known researchers in the field, this useful reference takes an applied approach to high frequency processes including oscillations and waves in ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, and ferrimagnets. Problems evaluated include ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic resonances, spin waves...

Control Engineering, 2nd Edition

Chris Bissell
July 25, 1996

Since its inception, the Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering series has met with great success among both instructors and students. Designed for first- and second-year undergraduate courses, each text provides a concise list of objectives at the beginning of every chapter, key definitions and...

Devices for Optoelectronics

July 09, 1996

Offers coverage of optical devices utilized in communication and information processing systems, highlighting the physics of optoelectronics necessary for both hybrid and monolithic optical integrated circuits. The text aims to bridge the gap between thin-film switches and active semiconductors by...

Advances In Aircraft Flight Control

M B Tischler
June 28, 1996

This book provides a single comprehensive resource that reviews many of the current aircraft flight control programmes from the perspective of experienced practitioners directly involved in the projects. Each chapter discusses a specific aircraft flight programme covering the control system design...

Camera-Aided Robot Calibration

Hangi Zhuang, Zvi S. Roth
June 27, 1996

Robot calibration is the process of enhancing the accuracy of a robot by modifying its control software. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the theory and implementation of robot calibration using computer vision technology. It is the only book to cover the entire process of...

Handbook of Optical Fibers and Cables, Second Edition

June 25, 1996

This work covers the history of optical communications, fibres and fiber cables, and compares optical fibres with other transmission media. It also discusses optical fibre materials, reliability and manufacture, illustrates the design, construction and properties of recent cables used for optical...