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New Communications Environments: From Everyday To Virtual

Giuseppe Mantovani
January 29, 1996

This multi-disciplinary book develops three intertwined themes: the perspective of situated action from cognitive science, a model of social context as a framework for inspiring artifact use and starting from it, and the individual and organizational impact of the new electronic environments of...

Electronic Measurement Systems: Theory and Practice

A.F.P van Putten
January 01, 1996

Electronic Measurement Systems: Theory and Practice, Second Edition is designed for those who require a thorough understanding of the wide variety of both digital and analogue electronic measurement systems in common use. The first part of the book discusses basic concepts such as system...

Super-radiance: Multiatomic Coherent Emission

M.G Benedict
January 01, 1996

Super-radiance: Multiatomic Coherent Emission provides a comprehensive, self-contained account of the theory and experiments of the quantum optic phenomenon of superradiance. Contributed by highly regarded researchers in the field, the book first presents the theory of superradiance at a level...

X-Ray Lasers 1996: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on X-Ray Lasers held in Lund, Sweden, 10-14 June, 1996

Sune Svanberg, C.G Wahlstrom
January 01, 1996

X-Ray Lasers 1996 provides not only an overview and progress report on this fast moving field, but also important reference material on which future work can be built. Topics covered include collisional x-ray lasers, table-top x-ray lasers, beam optics, x-ray optics, OFI and photo-pumped schemes,...

Acousto-Optic Signal Processing: Theory and Implementation, Second Edition

November 17, 1995

This work describes all aspects of acousto-optic signal processing, from the theory of acousto-optic interaction and basic devices, to the practical use of frequency- and time-domain signal processing systems. This edition features information on spectrum analysis, signal correlation, signal delay...

Modern Spectrum Analysis of Time Series: Fast Algorithms and Error Control Techniques

Prabhakar S. Naidu
October 25, 1995

Spectrum analysis can be considered as a topic in statistics as well as a topic in digital signal processing (DSP). This book takes a middle course by emphasizing the time series models and their impact on spectrum analysis.The text begins with elements of probability theory and goes on to...

Fluid Power Design Handbook, Third Edition

Frank Yeaple
October 24, 1995

Maintaining and enhancing the high standards and excellent features that made the previous editions so popular, this book presents engineering and application information to incorporate, control, predict, and measure the performance of all fluid power components in hydraulic or pneumatic systems....

Advanced Routing of Electronic Modules

Michael Pecht, Yeun Tsun Wong
October 23, 1995

The rapid growth of the electronic products market has created an increasing need for affordable, reliable, high-speed and high-density multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). This book presents the technologies, algorithms, and methodologies for engineers and others developing the next...

Pattern Recognition with Neural Networks in C++

Abhijit S. Pandya, Robert B. Macy
October 17, 1995

The addition of artificial neural network computing to traditional pattern recognition has given rise to a new, different, and more powerful methodology that is presented in this interesting book. This is a practical guide to the application of artificial neural networks.Geared toward the...

Power Electronics, 2nd Edition

David Allan Bradley
October 13, 1995

Since its inception, the Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering series has met with great success among both instructors and students. Designed for first and second year undergraduate courses, each text provides a concise list of objectives at the beginning of each chapter, key definitions and...