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Handbook of Humidity Measurement: Methods, Materials and Technologies, Three-Volume Set

1st Edition

Ghenadii Korotcenkov
February 04, 2020

Methods and types of devices used for measuring humidity use different measurement principles, materials and varying configurations, making it difficult to compare capabilities. Data presented provides detailed information on types of humidity sensors accompanied by an analysis of their strengths...

Handbook of Humidity Measurement, Volume 3: Sensing Materials and Technologies

1st Edition

Ghenadii Korotcenkov
February 04, 2020

Because of unique water properties, humidity affects materials and many living organisms, including humans. Humidity control is important in various fields, from production management to creating a comfortable living environment. The range of materials that can be used in the development of...

Electrical Inspection, Testing and Certification: A Guide to Passing the City and Guilds 2391 Exams

3rd Edition

Michael Drury
December 03, 2019

Updated in line with the 18th edition of the wiring regulations. This book is an essential guide to the City & Guilds 2391-50 and 51: Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installation and Periodic Inspection and Testing, also C&G 2391-52: an amalgamation of Initial...

Health Monitoring Systems: An Enabling Technology for Patient Care

1st Edition

Rajarshi Gupta, Dwaipayan Biswas
December 02, 2019

Remote health monitoring using wearable sensors is an important research area involving several key steps: physiological parameter sensing and data acquisition, data analysis, data security, data transmission to caregivers, and clinical intervention, all of which play a significant role to form a...

Micro- and Nano-Scale Sensors and Transducers

1st Edition

Ezzat G. Bakhoum
November 08, 2019

The rapidly emerging fields of nanotechnology and nano-fabrication have enabled the creation of new sensors with dramatic improvements in sensitivity and range, along with substantial miniaturization. And, although there are many books on nanotechnology, recent advances in micro and nano-scale...

Atomic Force Microscopy: Fundamental Concepts and Laboratory Investigations

1st Edition

Wesley C. Sanders
October 22, 2019

This book focuses primarily on the atomic force microscope and serves as a reference for students, postdocs, and researchers using atomic force microscopes for the first time. In addition, this book can serve as the primary text for a semester-long introductory course in atomic force microscopy....

Design of Analog Multipliers with Operational Amplifiers

1st Edition

K.C. Selvam
August 20, 2019

Design of analog multipliers discusses what an analog multiplier and its related types is, how different types of analog multipliers are implemented with analog two to one multiplexers and op-amps, and how the types of analog multipliers are implemented with transistors and op-amps. Describing...

Early Warning-Based Multihazard and Disaster Management Systems

1st Edition

Syed Hyder Abbas Musavi
August 09, 2019

This book describes in detail disaster management principles with applications through software and early warning systems. The aim is to introduce the concept of advanced technology for disaster management. Hence, it starts with a basic introduction and the types of disasters this technology will...

Cooperative Localization and Navigation: Theory, Research, and Practice

1st Edition

Chao Gao, Guorong Zhao, Hassen Fourati
August 08, 2019

This book captures the latest results and techniques for cooperative localization and navigation drawn from a broad array of disciplines. It provides the reader with a generic and comprehensive view of modeling, strategies, and state estimation methodologies in that fields. It discusses the most...

Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Development and Applications

1st Edition

Hisham K. Hisham
July 03, 2019

This book presents the basic principles of optical sensor technology in line with the tremendous development in the concept of optical fibers. In the first four chapters, the book discusses the basic principles of optical sensor technology in a simplified manner, making it suitable for all levels...

Semiconductor Radiation Detectors

1st Edition

Alan Owens
June 11, 2019

Bringing together material scattered across many disciplines, Semiconductor Radiation Detectors provides readers with a consolidated source of information on the properties of a wide range of semiconductors; their growth, characterization and the fabrication of radiation sensors with emphasis on...

Sensing the Perfect Tomato: An Internet of Sensing Approach

1st Edition

Denise Wilson
May 02, 2019

Fresh? Juice? Paste? Canned? Stewed? Diced? Pureed? Sun Dried? Salsa? Sauce? Ketchup? Rare is the cuisine that does not make use of the tomato in some way, shape, or form, and the resulting culinary popularity of the tomato has led to its proliferation in fields and farms around the world. While...