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Thermal-Aware Testing of Digital VLSI Circuits and Systems

1st Edition

Santanu Chattopadhyay
April 25, 2018

This book aims to highlight the research activities in the domain of thermal-aware testing. Thermal-aware testing can be employed both at circuit level and at system level Describes range of algorithms for addressing thermal-aware test issue, presents comparison of temperature reduction with...

Light Driven Micromachines

1st Edition

George K. Knopf, Kenji Uchino
March 29, 2018

In Light Driven Micromachines, the fundamental principles and unique characteristics of light driven material structures, simple mechanisms and integrated machines are explored. Very small light driven systems provide a number of interesting features and unique design opportunities because streams...

An Introduction to Quantum Transport in Semiconductors

1st Edition

David K. Ferry
January 04, 2018

Throughout their college career, most engineering students have done problems and studies that are basically situated in the classical world. Some may have taken quantum mechanics as their chosen field of study. This book moves beyond the basics to highlight the full quantum mechanical nature of...

Noise Coupling in System-on-Chip

1st Edition

Thomas Noulis
December 27, 2017

Noise Coupling is the root-cause of the majority of Systems on Chip (SoC) product fails. The book discusses a breakthrough substrate coupling analysis flow and modelling toolset, addressing the needs of the design community. The flow provides capability to analyze noise components, propagating...

Security Opportunities in Nano Devices and Emerging Technologies

1st Edition

Mark Tehranipoor, Domenic Forte, Garrett S. Rose, Swarup Bhunia
December 06, 2017

The research community lacks both the capability to explain the effectiveness of existing techniques and the metrics to predict the security properties and vulnerabilities of the next generation of nano-devices and systems. This book provides in-depth viewpoints on security issues and explains how...

Technology Computer Aided Design: Simulation for VLSI MOSFET

1st Edition

Chandan Kumar Sarkar
November 22, 2017

Responding to recent developments and a growing VLSI circuit manufacturing market, Technology Computer Aided Design: Simulation for VLSI MOSFET examines advanced MOSFET processes and devices through TCAD numerical simulations. The book provides a balanced summary of TCAD and MOSFET basic concepts,...

Strain-Engineered MOSFETs

1st Edition

C.K. Maiti, T.K. Maiti
November 22, 2017

Currently strain engineering is the main technique used to enhance the performance of advanced silicon-based metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs). Written from an engineering application standpoint, Strain-Engineered MOSFETs introduces promising strain techniques to...

Vacuum and Ultravacuum: Physics and Technology

1st Edition

Igor Bello
November 09, 2017

Vacuum technology has enormous impact on human life in many aspects and fields, such as metallurgy, material development and production, food and electronic industry, microelectronics, device fabrication, physics, materials science, space science, engineering, chemistry, technology of low...

Networks-on-Chips: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Fayez Gebali, Haytham Elmiligi, Mohamed Watheq El-Kharashi
October 23, 2017

The implementation of networks-on-chip (NoC) technology in VLSI integration presents a variety of unique challenges. To deal with specific design solutions and research hurdles related to intra-chip data exchange, engineers are challenged to invoke a wide range of disciplines and specializations...

Semiconductors: Integrated Circuit Design for Manufacturability

1st Edition

Artur Balasinski
October 12, 2017

Because of the continuous evolution of integrated circuit manufacturing (ICM) and design for manufacturability (DfM), most books on the subject are obsolete before they even go to press. That’s why the field requires a reference that takes the focus off of numbers and concentrates more on larger...

Compound Semiconductors: Physics, Technology, and Device Concepts

1st Edition

Ferdinand Scholz
October 06, 2017

This book provides an overview of compound semiconductor materials and their technology. After presenting a theoretical background, it describes the relevant material preparation technologies for bulk and thin-layer epitaxial growth. It then briefly discusses the electrical, optical, and structural...

Novel Wearable Antennas for Communication and Medical Systems

1st Edition

Albert Sabban
October 06, 2017

Wearable antennas are meant to be incorporated as part of clothing or placed close to the body. Wearable antennas can be used in countless communication applications including tracking and navigation, medical applications, imaging and detection, RFID, mobile computing and public safety. The book "...