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Capacitive and Resistive Electronic Components

1st Edition

D.S. Campbell
May 01, 1994

This text, though primarily concerned with the properties and structure of resistors and capacitors, also provides a comprehensive general introduction to the electronic properties of materials used in the manufacture of electronic components. Coverage includes the band theory of materials and the...

The Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates

1st Edition

Nellya N. Rogacheva
March 28, 1994

This is the first book devoted to a systematic description of the linear theory of piezoelectric shells and plates theory. The book contains two parts. In the first part, the theories for electroelastic thin-walled elements of arbitrary form with different directions of preliminary polarization are...

Molecular Electronics and Molecular Electronic Devices, Volume III

1st Edition

Kristof Sienicki
March 22, 1994

Molecular Electronics and Molecular Electronic Devices is a new book series that reflects the state of the art in the science and technology of molecular electronic devices. It provides a comprehensive review of current problems and the latest information regarding all aspects of molecular...

Mechatronics: Electronics in Products and Processes

1st Edition

David Allan Bradley, Alan Loader, N.C. Burd, David Dawson
August 26, 1993

Mechatronics: Electronics in Products and Processes identifies the concepts which underpin the mechatronic approach to engineering design and brings together its principle components - sensors and transducers, embedded microprocessors, actuators and drives - to explore their interrelationships. The...

Semiconductor Interfaces, Microstructures and Devices: Properties and applications

1st Edition

Zhe Chuan Feng
January 01, 1993

A semiconductor interface is the contact between the semiconductor itself and a metal. The interface is a site of change, and it is imperative to ensure that the semiconducting material is sealed at this point to maintain its reliability. This book examines various aspects of interfaces, showing...

Microelectronic Materials

1st Edition

C.R.M. Grovenor
January 01, 1989

This practical book shows how an understanding of structure, thermodynamics, and electrical properties can explain some of the choices of materials used in microelectronics, and can assist in the design of new materials for specific applications. It emphasizes the importance of the phase chemistry...