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Automatic Control, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering: Proceedings of the International Conference on Automatic Control, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering (ACMIE 2018), October 29-31, 2018, Suzhou, China

1st Edition

Yigang He, Xue Qing
March 19, 2019

Engineering technology development and implementation play an important role in making the industry more sustainable in an increasingly competitive world. This book covers significant recent developments in both fundamental and applied research in the engineering field. Domains of application...

Elementary Concepts of Power Electronic Drives

1st Edition

K Sundareswaran
March 19, 2019

Fills the gap for a concise preliminary textbook on power electronic drives, with simple illustrations and applications Presents the integration of power electronics and machines in a simple manner Discusses the principles of electric motors and power electronics in an introductory manner...

Electrical Machine Drives: Fundamental Basics and Practice

1st Edition

Claiton Moro Franchi
January 11, 2019

This work was developed based on the author's experience of more than 10 years working in research and industry in the areas of electrical drives and industrial automation. Seeking the connection between theory and its applications, the author presents a detailed conceptual description with lots of...

Switched Reluctance Motor Drives: Fundamentals to Applications

1st Edition

Berker Bilgin, James Weisheng Jiang, Ali Emadi
November 19, 2018

Electric motors are the largest consumer of electric energy and they play a critical role in the growing market for electrification. Due to their simple construction, switched reluctance motors (SRMs) are exceptionally attractive for the industry to respond to the increasing demand for...

High-Speed and Lower Power Technologies: Electronics and Photonics

1st Edition

Jung Han Choi, Krzysztof Iniewski
September 27, 2018

This book explores up-to-date research trends and achievements on low-power and high-speed technologies in both electronics and optics. It offers unique insight into low-power and high-speed approaches ranging from devices, ICs, sub-systems and networks that can be exploited for future mobile...

Neural Networks for Robotics: An Engineering Perspective

1st Edition

Nancy Arana-Daniel, Alma Y. Alanis, Carlos Lopez-Franco
September 21, 2018

The book offers an insight on artificial neural networks for giving a robot a high level of autonomous tasks, such as navigation, cost mapping, object recognition, intelligent control of ground and aerial robots, and clustering, with real-time implementations. The reader will learn various...

Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Control: Analysis and Applications

1st Edition

Edgar N. Sanchez
September 04, 2018

The book presents recent advances in the theory of neural control for discrete-time nonlinear systems with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. The simulation results that appear in each chapter include rigorous mathematical analyses, based on the Lyapunov approach, to establish its properties....

Distributed Real-Time Architecture for Mixed-Criticality Systems

1st Edition

Hamidreza Ahmadian, Roman Obermaisser, Jon Perez
August 21, 2018

This book describes a cross-domain architecture and design tools for networked complex systems where application subsystems of different criticality coexist and interact on networked multi-core chips. The architecture leverages multi-core platforms for a hierarchical system perspective of...

Reluctance Electric Machines: Design and Control

1st Edition

Ion Boldea, Lucian Tutelea
August 10, 2018

Electric energy is arguably a key agent for our material prosperity. With the notable exception of photovoltaic generators, electric generators are exclusively used to produce electric energy from mechanical energy. More than 60% of all electric energy is used in electric motors for useful...

Condition Monitoring and Faults Diagnosis of Induction Motors: Electrical Signature Analysis

1st Edition

Nordin Saad, Muhammad Irfan, Rosdiazli Ibrahim
July 31, 2018

The book covers various issues related to machinery condition monitoring, signal processing and conditioning, instrumentation and measurements, faults for induction motors failures, new trends in condition monitoring, and the fault identification process using motor currents electrical signature...

Thermal-Aware Testing of Digital VLSI Circuits and Systems

1st Edition

Santanu Chattopadhyay
April 25, 2018

This book aims to highlight the research activities in the domain of thermal-aware testing. Thermal-aware testing can be employed both at circuit level and at system level Describes range of algorithms for addressing thermal-aware test issue, presents comparison of temperature reduction with...

Infrastructure Asset Management with Power System Applications

1st Edition

Lina Bertling Tjernberg
April 02, 2018

Infrastructure Asset Management with Power System Applications is about infrastructure asset management, which can be expressed as the combination of management, financial, economic, and engineering, applied to physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the...