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Computer Integrated Electronics Manufacturing and Testing

1st Edition

September 01, 1989

Describes this process at it relates to the electronics industry, focusing on such areas as printed wiring boards, networking, automatic assembly, surface mount technology, tape automated bonding, bar coding, and electro-static discharge. Also studies the effects of group work ethics as a factor in...

Fet Technology and Application

1st Edition

E. S. Oxner
December 22, 1988

This book provides the reader with some insights into the many styles of field effect transistors (FETs) being used. It offers a rudimentary understanding of their operation and performance. The book explains the complex terminology that defines the various FET parameters....

High-Temperature Superconducting Materials: Preparations, Properties, and Processing

1st Edition

William E. Hatfield, John H. Miller
April 07, 1988

This book is a collection of proceedings of a symposium organized by the North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society on the preparations, properties, and processing of high-temperature superconducting materials. The proceedings include papers of new results presented at the symposium....

Modern Bioelectricity

1st Edition

Andrew A. Marino
March 30, 1988

This book presents an overview of the field of bioelectricity by demonstrating the biological significance of electromagnetic fields, electrical properties of tissue, biological effects of electromagnetic energy, and therapeutic applications and health hazards of electromagnetic energy....

Controlling Electrohydraulic Systems

1st Edition

Wayne Anderson
January 29, 1988

This book discusses the pump's role in electrohydraulic systems and its use as a power source to a control loop, and provides a good understanding of the basics, complemented by working knowledge of the "real world." It is intended for engineers and students who have studied feedback control theory....

Atomic Diffusion in III-V Semiconductors

1st Edition

Brian Tuck
January 01, 1988

III-V semiconductors, of which gallium arsenide is the best known, have been important for some years and appear set to become much more so in the future. They have principally contributed to two technologies: microwave devices and optoelectronics. Recent advances in the production of thin layers...

Testing Active and Passive Electronic Components

1st Edition

Richard Powell
March 12, 1987


Reliability Engineering for Electronic Design

1st Edition

Norman Fuqua
January 01, 1987

This book addresses the needs of electronic design engineers, reliability engineers, and their respective managers, stressing a pragmatic viewpoint rather than a vigorous mathematical presentation....

Design Fundamentals for Low-Voltage Distribution and Control

1st Edition

Frank Kussy
December 08, 1986

Design Fundamentals for Low-Voltage Distribution and Control provides practical guidelinesfor all aspects of this vital topic. Linking theoretical principles with real hardware designs,the book will help engineers meet safety and regulatory standards, reduce redesign costs,shorten product...