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Introduction to Microsystem Packaging Technology

1st Edition

Yufeng Jin, Zhiping Wang, Jing Chen
September 10, 2018

The multi-billion-dollar microsystem packaging business continues to play an increasingly important technical role in today’s information industry. The packaging process—including design and manufacturing technologies—is the technical foundation upon which function chips are updated for use in...

Long-Term Non-Operating Reliability of Electronic Products

1st Edition

Judy Pecht
December 13, 2017

In today's electronic environment, operating reliability for continued daily use of electronic products is essential. This book discusses the reliability of products that lie dormant for long periods of time and are subject to stresses such as humidity, ionic contaminants, temperature, radiation,...

Semiconductor Packaging: Materials Interaction and Reliability

1st Edition

Andrea Chen, Randy Hsiao-Yu Lo
April 10, 2017

In semiconductor manufacturing, understanding how various materials behave and interact is critical to making a reliable and robust semiconductor package. Semiconductor Packaging: Materials Interaction and Reliability provides a fundamental understanding of the underlying physical properties of the...

Extreme Environment Electronics

1st Edition

John D. Cressler, H. Alan Mantooth
April 06, 2017

Unfriendly to conventional electronic devices, circuits, and systems, extreme environments represent a serious challenge to designers and mission architects. The first truly comprehensive guide to this specialized field, Extreme Environment Electronics explains the essential aspects of designing...

Embedded and Networking Systems: Design, Software, and Implementation

1st Edition

Gul N. Khan, Krzysztof Iniewski
March 29, 2017

Embedded and Networking Systems: Design, Software, and Implementation explores issues related to the design and synthesis of high-performance embedded computer systems and networks. The emphasis is on the fundamental concepts and analytical techniques that are applicable to a range of embedded and...

Novel Advances in Microsystems Technologies and Their Applications

1st Edition

Laurent A. Francis, Krzysztof Iniewski
March 29, 2017

Microsystems technologies have found their way into an impressive variety of applications, from mobile phones, computers, and displays to smart grids, electric cars, and space shuttles. This multidisciplinary field of research extends the current capabilities of standard integrated circuits in...

Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics: Thermal and Mechanical Design and Analysis, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Ali Jamnia
July 11, 2016

Successfully Estimate the Thermal and Mechanical Characteristics of Electronics Systems A definitive guide for practitioners new to the field or requiring a refresher course, Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics: Thermal and Mechanical Design and Analysis, Third Edition provides an...

Cyber-Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice

1st Edition

Danda B. Rawat, Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues, Ivan Stojmenovic
October 22, 2015

Although comprehensive knowledge of cyber-physical systems (CPS) is becoming a must for researchers, practitioners, system designers, policy makers, system managers, and administrators, there has been a need for a comprehensive and up-to-date source of research and information on cyber-physical...

Thermal Computations for Electronics: Conductive, Radiative, and Convective Air Cooling

1st Edition

Gordon Ellison
November 08, 2010

A total revision of the author’s previous work, Thermal Computations for Electronics: Conductive, Radiative, and Convective Air Cooling is a versatile reference that was carefully designed to help readers master mathematical calculation, prediction, and application methods for conductive, radiative...

Electronic Circuit Design: From Concept to Implementation

1st Edition

Nihal Kularatna
June 02, 2008

With growing consumer demand for portability and miniaturization in electronics, design engineers must concentrate on many additional aspects in their core design. The plethora of components that must be considered requires that engineers have a concise understanding of each aspect of the design...

Electronic Components and Technology

3rd Edition

Stephen Sangwine
March 02, 2007

Most introductory textbooks in electronics focus on the theory while leaving the practical aspects to be covered in laboratory courses. However, the sooner such matters are introduced, the better able students will be to include such important concerns as parasitic effects and reliability at the...

Materials for Rigid and Flexible Printed Wiring Boards

1st Edition

Martin W. Jawitz, Michael J. Jawitz
September 22, 2006

Complex electronic circuits and devices are flooding applications in nearly every facet of commercial and industrial activity, from automated equipment to all types of consumer products. Proper selection of materials is crucial to meet the end-use requirements of flexible and rigid printed wiring...