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High Frequency Communication and Sensing: Traveling-Wave Techniques

Ahmet Tekin, Ahmed Emira
September 01, 2017

High Frequency Communication and Sensing: Traveling-Wave Techniques introduces novel traveling wave circuit techniques to boost the performance of high-speed circuits in standard low-cost production technologies, like complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS). A valuable resource for...

Digital Control Systems: Theoretical Problems and Simulation Tools

Anastasia Veloni, Nikolaos Miridakis
August 10, 2017

The objective of this book is to provide a collection of solved problems on control systems, with an emphasis on practical problems. System functionality is described, the modeling process is explained, the problem solution is introduced, and the derived results are discussed. Each chapter ends...

Silicon Based Unified Memory Devices and Technology

Arup Bhattacharyya
August 08, 2017

The primary focus of this book is on basic device concepts, memory cell design, and process technology integration. The first part provides in-depth coverage of conventional nonvolatile memory devices, stack structures from device physics, historical perspectives, and identifies limitations of...

CMOS: Front-End Electronics for Radiation Sensors

Angelo Rivetti
August 01, 2017

CMOS: Front-End Electronics for Radiation Sensors offers a comprehensive introduction to integrated front-end electronics for radiation detectors, focusing on devices that capture individual particles or photons and are used in nuclear and high energy physics, space instrumentation, medical physics...

Wireless Transceiver Circuits: System Perspectives and Design Aspects

Woogeun Rhee
August 01, 2017

Modern transceiver systems require diversified design aspects as various radio and sensor applications have emerged. Choosing the right architecture and understanding interference and linearity issues are important for multi-standard cellular transceivers and software-defined radios. A...

An Introduction to Microwave Measurements

Ananjan Basu
July 27, 2017

Go Beyond Basic Distributed Circuit Analysis An Introduction to Microwave Measurements has been written in a way that is different from many textbooks. As an instructor teaching a master’s-level course on microwave measurements, the author recognized that few of today’s graduate electrical...

Electrostatic Discharge Protection: Advances and Applications

Juin J. Liou
July 26, 2017

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is one of the most prevalent threats to electronic components. In an ESD event, a finite amount of charge is transferred from one object (i.e., human body) to another (i.e., microchip). This process can result in a very high current passing through the microchip within...

Gallium Nitride (GaN): Physics, Devices, and Technology

Farid Medjdoub
July 26, 2017

Addresses a Growing Need for High-Power and High-Frequency Transistors Gallium Nitride (GaN): Physics, Devices, and Technology offers a balanced perspective on the state of the art in gallium nitride technology. A semiconductor commonly used in bright light-emitting diodes, GaN can serve as a...

Communication Architectures for Systems-on-Chip

José L. Ayala
June 28, 2017

A presentation of state-of-the-art approaches from an industrial applications perspective, Communication Architectures for Systems-on-Chip shows professionals, researchers, and students how to attack the problem of data communication in the manufacture of SoC architectures. With its lucid...

Embedded Multiprocessors: Scheduling and Synchronization, Second Edition

Sundararajan Sriram, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya
June 20, 2017

Techniques for Optimizing Multiprocessor Implementations of Signal Processing Applications An indispensable component of the information age, signal processing is embedded in a variety of consumer devices, including cell phones and digital television, as well as in communication infrastructure,...

Feedback, Nonlinear, and Distributed Circuits

Wai-Kai Chen
June 16, 2017

Upon its initial publication, the Handbook of Circuits and Filters broke new ground. It quickly became the resource for comprehensive coverage of issues and practical information that can be put to immediate use. Not content to rest on his laurels, editor Wai-kai Chen divided the second edition...

Electrotechnical Systems: Calculation and Analysis with Mathematica and PSpice

Igor Korotyeyev, Valerii Zhuikov, Radoslaw Kasperek
June 14, 2017

Advances in mathematical methods, computer technology, and electrotechnical devices in particular continue to result in the creation of programs that are leading to increased labor productivity. Mathematical and simulation programs—and other programs that unite these two operations—provide the...