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Multimedia over Cognitive Radio Networks: Algorithms, Protocols, and Experiments


Fei Hu, Sunil Kumar
December 4, 2014

With nearly 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, mobility and computing have become pervasive in our society and business. Moreover, new mobile multimedia communication services are challenging telecommunication operators. To support the significant increase in multimedia traffic—especi...

Electrical Power Transmission System Engineering: Analysis and Design, Third Edition


Turan Gonen
May 14, 2014

Electrical Power Transmission System Engineering: Analysis and Design is devoted to the exploration and explanation of modern power transmission engineering theory and practice. Designed for senior-level undergraduate and beginning-level graduate students, the book serves as a text for a two-semeste...

Networked Filtering and Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks


Magdi S. Mahmoud, Yuanqing Xia
December 20, 2014

By exploiting the synergies among available data, information fusion can reduce data traffic, filter noisy measurements, and make predictions and inferences about a monitored entity. Networked Filtering and Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks introduces the subject of multi-sensor fusion as the metho...

Energy and Analytics: BIG DATA and Building Technology Integration

John J. "Jack" McGowan, CEM
July 06, 2015

This book details how to leverage big data style analytics to manage and coordinate the key issues in both energy supply and demand. It presents a detailed explanation of the underlying systems technology that enables big data in buildings and how this technology provides added cost benefit from...

Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering: Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering (ICEECE 2015), Phuket Island, Thailand, 5-6 March 2015

Fun Shao, Wise Shu, Tracy Tian
July 03, 2015

Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering contains the contributions presented at the 2015 International Conference on Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering (ICEECE 2015, Phuket Island, Thailand, 5-6 March 2015). The book is divided into four main topics: - Electric and Electronic...

Exploring the Value of Electricity

Clark W. Gellings, P.E.
July 02, 2015

This book discusses the role electricity plays in sustaining and improving the quality of life. The author elucidates the numerous approaches to estimating value, including electricity’s contribution toward the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, its role in medicine, and its ability to power...

Electronics, Communications and Networks IV: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNET IV), Beijing, China, 12–15 December 2014

Amir Hussain, Mirjana Ivanovic
July 01, 2015

The 4th International Conference on Electronic, Communications and Networks (CECNet2014) inherits the fruitfulness of the past three conferences and lays a foundation for the forthcoming next year in Shanghai. CECNet2014 was hosted by Hubei University of Science and Technology, China, with the main...

Lead-Acid Battery Technologies: Fundamentals, Materials, and Applications

Joey Jung, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Zhang
June 26, 2015

Lead-Acid Battery Technologies: Fundamentals, Materials, and Applications offers a systematic and state-of-the-art overview of the materials, system design, and related issues for the development of lead-acid rechargeable battery technologies. Featuring contributions from leading scientists and...

Multimedia Ontology: Representation and Applications

Santanu Chaudhury, Anupama Mallik, Hiranmay Ghosh
June 26, 2015

The result of more than 15 years of collective research, Multimedia Ontology: Representation and Applications provides a theoretical foundation for understanding the nature of media data and the principles involved in its interpretation. The book presents a unified approach to recent advances in...

Modern Diagnostic X-Ray Sources: Technology, Manufacturing, Reliability

Rolf Behling
June 26, 2015

Modern Diagnostic X-ray Sources: Technology, Manufacturing, Reliability gives an up-to-date summary of X-ray source design for applications in modern diagnostic medical imaging. It lays a sound groundwork for education and advanced training in the physics of X-ray production and X-ray interactions...

Multi-Stage Flash Desalination: Modeling, Simulation, and Adaptive Control

Abraha Woldai
June 26, 2015

Explore a Viable Resource for Desalination The world’s freshwater supplies are rapidly depleting and seawater is being positioned as a major feasible replacement in the search for a sustainable water source. Focused on large-scale multi-stage flash (MSF) seawater desalination plants, and based on...

Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices, Second Edition

Zhigang Rick Li
June 24, 2015

Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices provides a single source of information covering all aspects of OLEDs, including the systematic investigation of organic light-emitting materials, device physics and engineering, and manufacturing and performance measurement techniques. This Second...

Ultra Wideband Antennas: Design, Methodologies, and Performance

Giselle M. Galvan-Tejada, Marco Antonio Peyrot-Solis, Hildeberto Jardón Aguilar
June 24, 2015

Ultra Wideband Antennas: Design, Methodologies, and Performance presents the current state of the art of ultra wideband (UWB) antennas, from theory specific for these radiators to guidelines for the design of omnidirectional and directional UWB antennas. Offering a comprehensive overview of the...

Active Plasmonic Nanomaterials

Luciano De Sio
June 24, 2015

Plasmonic nanoparticles (NPs) represent an outstanding class of nanomaterials that have the capability to localize light at the nanoscale by exploiting a phenomenon called localized plasmon resonance. The book is aimed at reviewing recent efforts devoted to utilize NPs in many research fields, such...

Semiconductor Laser Theory

Prasanta Kumar Basu, Bratati Mukhopadhyay, Rikmantra Basu
June 23, 2015

Developed from the authors’ classroom-tested material, Semiconductor Laser Theory takes a semiclassical approach to teaching the principles, structure, and applications of semiconductor lasers. Designed for graduate students in physics, electrical engineering, and materials science, the text covers...