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Manufacture and Processing of PVC

R H Burgess
November 01, 1981

This ten chapter book on the manufacture and processing of PVC covers bulk processing, paste, emulsion, blends, toxicity, morphology, rigid PVC and plasticised PVC....

Computer Analysis of Skeletal Structures

T. Johns, C T F Ross
October 29, 1981


Application of Stress-wave Theory on Piles

H. B. Redenberg
January 01, 1981


Prestressed Concrete Designer's Handbook, 3rd ed

P.W. Abeles, B K Bardhan-Roy
January 01, 1981

The third edition of this authoritative handbook provides the structural designer with comprehensive guidance on prestressed concrete and its effective use, covering materials, behaviour, analysis and design of prestressed elements. It includes numerous examples, design charts and details of...

Soft-Ground Tunneling: Failures and displacements

Daniel Reséndiz, Miguel P. Romo
January 01, 1981

Lateritisation processes - Proceedings of the international seminar, Trivandrum, India, 11-14 December 1979...

Underground Excavations in Rock

Evert Hoek, Ted Brown
June 30, 1980

Underground Excavations in Rock deals with the geotechnical aspects of the design of underground openings for mining and civil engineering processes....

Structural Foundats Rock 2v

January 01, 1980