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Geotechnical engineering in Southeast Asia: A commemorative volume of the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society

1st Edition

A.S. Balasubramaniam, D.T. Bergado, S. Chandra
January 01, 1985

11 comprehensive invited lectures on site investigations, engineering behavior of soils, ground improvements, pile foundations, settlement of structures, landslides, environmental geotechnics....

Buried Structures: Static and Dynamic Strength

1st Edition

Dr P S Bulson
December 20, 1984

Much of the infrastructure of modern society is buried below ground. Pipeline, conduits and culverts carry the services on which our economies depend and the strength and resilience of such structures is of vital importance. Larger underground construction is becoming more common in cities and...

Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory: Delft, 1984

1st Edition

Volmuller, Hamerslag
December 01, 1984

The Ninth International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, held in the Netherlands in July 1984, follows the tradition of broad international information exchange that was developed at the eight previous symposia. Over the years the scope of the symposia has gradually widened to become...

A Geology for Engineers

7th Edition

F.G.H. Blyth, Michael de Freitas
October 01, 1984

No engineering structure can be built on the ground or within it without the influence of geology being experienced by the engineer. Yet geology is an ancillary subject to students of engineering and it is therefore essential that their training is supported by a concise, reliable and usable text...

Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering

1st Edition

Guiliano Augusti, A. Baratta, F. Casciati
July 19, 1984

This book presents the most important applications of probablistic and statistical approaches and procedures to structural engineering....

Concrete Slabs: Analysis and design

1st Edition

L.A. Clarke, R J Cope, R.J. Cope
June 26, 1984


Cost Engineering Management Techniques

1st Edition

May 11, 1984


Buried Rigid Pipes

1st Edition

OC Young, JJ Trott
April 01, 1984