Engineering - Civil

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Integrating Microelectronics into Gas Distribution

1st Edition

W.F. Rush, J.E. Huebler, R.W. Smith
November 24, 1987


Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

3rd Edition

F.K. Kong, R.H. Evans
September 30, 1987

This highly successful textbook has been comprehensively revised for two main reasons: to bring the book up-to-date and make it compatible with BS8110 1985; and to take into account the increasing use made of microcomputers in civil engineering. An important new chapter on microcomputer...

Developments in Thin-Walled Structures - 3

1st Edition

J. Rhodes, A.C. Walker
August 28, 1987


Structural Steelwork: Limit state design

1st Edition

A.B. Clarke, S.H. Coverman
August 20, 1987

A comprehensive reference which provides the student and the engineer with in-depth guidance on design methods to the UK code of practice for structural steelwork, BS 5950. The design procedures are presented in a series of well-defined steps illustrated with worked examples....

Underground Storage System

1st Edition

H. Kendall Wilcox
July 01, 1987

Here is the first book to deal with underground storage tanks and pipes-designed for beneficial use by anyone involved with leak detection and monitoring of underground storage systems. Underground Storage Systems gives a complete overview of how to detect a release, what equipment is required-and...

Flood Hazard Management: British and International Perspectives

1st Edition

John W Handmer
June 30, 1987

In some important respects floodplain management and flood hazard research is different in Britain from that in other countries. This collection of papers from a conference provides some comparisons. It covers urban flooding, institutions and policy, land use policy, hazard response, and project...

Long-term Environmental Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development

1st Edition

D.F. Boesch, N.N. Rabalais
March 24, 1987

Long-term Environmental Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development contains 14 chapters by different authors which focus on the US....

Cost Engineering in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

1st Edition

R. P. Hedden
January 27, 1987


Ground Mechanics in Hard Rock Mining

1st Edition

January 01, 1987


Rock Mechanics: Proceedings of the 28th US Symposium

1st Edition

I.W. Farmer, J.J. Daemen, C.S. Desai, C.E. Glass, S.P. Neuman
January 01, 1987

Rock Mechanics is a term covering a wide range of interdisciplinary interests. Developing originally from a need to understand the relation between the forces released by excavation and the resistance of the surrounding rocks, it has expanded to cover the engineering of the major part of the...