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Soft-Ground Tunneling: Failures and displacements

Daniel Reséndiz, Miguel P. Romo
January 01, 1981

Lateritisation processes - Proceedings of the international seminar, Trivandrum, India, 11-14 December 1979...

Underground Excavations in Rock

Evert Hoek, Ted Brown
June 30, 1980

Underground Excavations in Rock deals with the geotechnical aspects of the design of underground openings for mining and civil engineering processes....

Structural Foundats Rock 2v

January 01, 1980


Engineering Law and the I.C.E. Contracts, Fourth Edition

M.W. Abrahamson
August 01, 1979

The forms of tender, agreement, conditions and bond published by the Institution of Civil Engineers have been designed to standardise the duties of contractors, employers and engineers and to distribute fairly the risks inherent in civil engineering. This classic guide to the contracts provides and...

Oscar Faber's Reinforced Concrete, Second Edition

John G Faber, F.H. Mead
November 24, 1977


Yield-line Formulae for Slabs

K.W. Johansen
January 01, 1972

This E. & F. N. Spon title is now distributed by Routledge in the US and Canada. This book was the first attempt to establish a simple formulae for the calculation of various slab types. A large number of examples are included....