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Plated Structures: Stability and strength

R. Narayanan
December 01, 1983


Development and Control of Dust Explosions

John Nagy
June 23, 1983

In all the diverse industries-from food and agriculture to plastics- where combustibledust exists, the possibility of an explosion looms as an ever-present threat. Gathering awealth of practical , theoretical , and experimental data, this important work provides a�state-of-the-art study of the...

Efflorescence and the Discoloration of Concrete

P Russell
January 01, 1983

This detailed book covers causes, soluble salts, prevention and removal of discoloration. it also provides a checklist for the practitioner....

Soil Mechanics 7th Afr Volume 2

January 01, 1983


Mechanics of Sediment Transport

A. Mueller, B. Mutlu Sumer
January 01, 1983


Tropical Soils of Nigeria in Engineering Practice

S.A. Ola
January 01, 1983

Reference book on tropical soils for Nigeria and other tropical countries. Contents: Geology of Nigeria; Geotechnical properties and behaviour of soils; Groundwater and erosion; Engineering and geological applications; Introduction to pavement design; Index....