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Sealants in Construction

Jerome Klosowski, Andreas T. Wolf
November 21, 1988

This comprehensive treatment of the subject assesses the performance characteristics needed for application plus the preformance properties of generic sealants. Illustrated with 100 photos as well as diagrams which explain fundamentals and outline methods to insure the use of appropriate procedures....

Computerized Project Control

F. Drigani
October 21, 1988

Highlights advantages, disadvantages, and future trends of computerization to project control activity. Stresses identification of when computerization is needed and explores how to convert. Covers fundamentals of project control theory, software technology, and labor and cost analysis. Includes glo...

Reinforced Concrete Design to BS 8110 Simply Explained

A. Allen
August 25, 1988

This highly successful book describes the background to the design principles, methods and procedures required in the design process for reinforced concrete structures. The easy to follow style makes it an ideal reference for students and professionals alike....

Construction Cost Engineering Handbook

Anghel Patrascu
March 30, 1988


Connections in Steel Structures: Behaviour, strength and design

R. Bjorhovde, J. Brozzetti, A. Colson
February 19, 1988


Field Measurem Geomechanics Volume 1

Shunsuke Sakurai
January 01, 1988


The Morphodynamics of the Wadden Sea

Jurgen Ehlers
January 01, 1988

The Wadden Sea area of the North Sea is one which undergoes rapid morphological changes. Under natural conditions, the barrier islands would adjust them¬selves to a rising sea level. However, be¬cause the islands are densely populated and have an important role as holiday resorts, morphological...