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Supervision of Concrete Construction 1

Dr J Richardson
September 26, 1986

These two volumes provide authoritative guidance on all aspects of concrete construction from the point of view of the supervisor responsible for the work on site. They will also be of value to the section manager, foreman, clerk of works as well as to the design and construction engineer who need...

Geomechanical Modelling in Engineering Practice

J.A. Studer
January 01, 1986

The key to successful solution of problems by the finite element method lies in the choice of appropriate numerical models & their associated parameters for geological media. 16 invited contributions on: Basic concepts; Numerical modelling of selected engineering problems; Specific numerical...

Piling in Rock

Joram Amir
January 01, 1986

Piles are usually used to bypass soft formations. For typical conditions, piling in rock leads to considerable savings in terms of construction duration, labor, concrete, steel & energy. First comprehensive text devoted to piling in rock....

Design Data for Rectangular Beams and Slabs to BS 8110: Part 1

A.H. Allen
January 01, 1986

A valuable design aid for designers of concrete structures. Provides easy-to-use tables of design data for beams and slabs for concrete grades 30, 35 and 40....

Soil Structure Assessment: Sponsored by the Commission of European Communities, Directorate-General for Agriculture.

W. Burke, D. Gabriels, J. Bouma
January 01, 1986

Reference methods recommended for workers on EEC funded research projects are described & sources cited. Site & soil description; Sampling for soil structure measurement; Inherent soil properties; Structural parameters; Water & air flow parameters; Soil strength & stability; Soil...

Proc 5th Int Congress Int Assoc of Engineering Geology Argen

International Association of Engineering
January 01, 1986


Proc 5th Int Congress Int Assoc of Engineering Geology Argen

International Association of Engineering
January 01, 1986


New Survey Methods in Transport: 2nd International Conference, Hungerford Hill, Australia, 1983

Ampt, Richardson, Brög
December 01, 1985

New Survey Methods in Transport is the first comprehensive compilation of survey techniques used in the broad field of transport planning. The book provides state-of-the-art reviews in several areas of survey methodology, including cross-sectional, longitudinal and interactive surveys. Papers cover...

Geology for Civil Engineers, Second Edition

C. Gribble, A. McLean
September 09, 1985

This seasoned textbook introduces geology for civil engineering students. It covers minerals and rocks, superficial deposits and the distribution of rocks at or below the surface. It then looks at groundwater and gives guidance on the exploration of a site before looking at the civil engineering...