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Rock Mechanics as a Multidisciplinary Science: Proceedings of the 32nd U.S. Symposium

Jean-Claude Roegiers
January 01, 1991

Papers in the proceedings of the 32nd U.S. Symposium on Rock Mechanics were solicited to address the theme of 'Rock Mechanics as a Multidisciplinary Science'. The major goal was to assemble scientists and practitioners from various fields with interrelated interests in rock mechanics to share their...

Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer

H.M. Irvine
December 20, 1990

Structural dynamics is a complex and increasingly important field of civil/structural engineering. The aim of this concise book is to demonstrate to practising engineers and advanced students that the dynamic response of structural systems can be understood without advanced techniques of analysis...

Geomembranes - Identification and Performance Testing

J.M. Rigo, A.L. Rollin
December 06, 1990

Geomembranes are increasingly being used in transportation, environmental and geotechnical applications to control gas and liquid movement. This book provides authoritative guidance on testing of geomembranes. It has been prepared by an international committee of experts under the auspices of RILEM...

Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics: Proceedings of a RILEM Workshop dedicated to Professor Arne Hillerborg, Abisko, Sweden 1989

L. Elfgren, Surendra Shah
December 06, 1990

This book presents the latest research findings of the fast developing applications of fracture mechanics to concrete structures. Key papers from leading experts in the field describe existing and new modelling techniques in the analysis of materials and structures. The book explains the practical...

Free-Surface Hydraulics

Dr J M Townson
November 22, 1990

Free-Surface Hydraulics is a unified, pragmatic account of the water surface and its underlying mechanics. Based on the author's 30 years experience of research and teaching in civil engineering hydraulics, this text is designed to help students achieve a coherent understanding More...of a subject...

Spon's Quarry Guide: To the British hard rock industry

H. Gill, Mr D I E Jones, D.I.E. Jones, J.L. Watson
October 25, 1990

Spon's Quarry Guide provides complete and up-to-date information on all of Britain's hard rock quarrying industry. For over 700 quarries it gives full address, OS Map Number and grid reference, telephone and contact names. Rock type, colour, grain and products are listed. The Guide also gives, for...

Properties of Fresh Concrete: Proceedings of the International RILEM Colloquium

H.J. Wierig
October 04, 1990

This book presents new information on concrete properties and production in the light of the widespread use of ready mixed concrete and new concreting materials. This book forms the Proceedings of the RILEM Colloquium held in Hanover, West Germany in October 1990. Papers from 18 countries in Europe...

Test Quality for Construction, Materials and Structures: Proceedings of the International RILEM/ILAC Symposium

M. Fickelson
October 04, 1990

Testing of materials and manufactured items is a key element in the process from standard specifications though control and verification during manufacture to trade in actual products. Cooperative agreements and networks are being set up covering reference materials and calibration. This process is...

Coastal Ocean Space Utilization

S.D. Halsey, R.B. Abel
September 28, 1990

Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Coastal Ocean Space Utilization (COSU 89), One World Trade Center, New York, 8-10 May 1989....

Rheology of Fresh Cement and Concrete: Proceedings of an International Conference, Liverpool, 1990

P.F.G. Banfill
September 27, 1990

This book brings together new research information on the flow behaviour of cementitious materials from the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Finland, USSR, USA and Japan, presented at the International Conference organised by the British Society of Rheology in March 1990....

Mechanical Tests for Bituminous Mixes - Characterization, Design and Quality Control: Proceedings of the Fourth International RILEM Symposium

E. Eustacchio, H.W. Fritz
September 20, 1990

This book forms the Proceedings of an International RILEM Symposium, the fourth in the series, on Testing of Bituminous Mixes in Budapest, Hungary, October 1990. The aim of the Symposium is to promote tests for the characterization, design and quality control of bituminous mixes which combine the...

Introduction to the Finite Element Method using BASIC Programs

D.K. Brown
September 01, 1990

This updated, revised and extended edition gives a comprehensive introduction to the understanding and use of the finite element method as applied to structures. The text methodically covers all the important bridges in understanding up to and including the introduction of isoparametric elements....