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Computer-Organized Cost Engineering

July 27, 1990

Providing a sequence of steps for matching cost engineering needs with helpful computer tools, this reference addresses the issues of project complexity and uncertainty; cost estimation, scheduling, and cost control; cost and result uncertainty; engineering and general purpose software; utilities th...

Calcium Aluminate Cements: Proceedings of a Symposium dedicated to H G Midgley, London, July 1990

R.J. Mangabhai
July 05, 1990

The special properties of calcium aluminate cements make them of value in the construction, mining and refractory industries. This book brings together new international research information on their performance. As well as a state-of-the-art review, it includes reports on studies of: mineralogy,...

Intelligent Structures

K.P. Chong
July 03, 1990


Boundary Element Methods in Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics: Developments in boundary element methods - 6

P.K. Banerjee, L. Morino
May 31, 1990

This volume demonstrates that boundary element methods are both elegant and efficient in their application to time dependent time harmonic problems in engineering and therefore worthy of considerable development....

Admixtures for Concrete - Improvement of Properties: Proceedings of the International RILEM Symposium

E. Vazques
May 03, 1990

Chemical admixtures are used to modify the properties and behaviour of fresh and hardened concrete. They enable more economic construction and the achievement of special properties such as high strength or durability. This book presents new research information from an International RILEM Symposium...

Alkali-Aggregate Reaction: 8th International Conference

K. Okada, S. Nishibayashi, M. Kawamura
January 15, 1990

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction held in Kyoto, Japan, 17-20 July 1989....

Rock Joints: Proceedings of a regional conference of the International Society for Rock Mechanics, Loen, 4-6 June 1990

Nick Barton, Ove Stephansson
January 01, 1990

Rock joint behaviour impacts many branches of engineering including surface and underground mining, dam foundations, tunnelling for hydro power and transport, petroleum reservoirs and nuclear waste storage. The subject is in a very active stage of development, and engineers, geologists, and...

Migration in Seismic Prospecting: Russian Translations Series 82

E.A. Kozlov
January 01, 1990

Principles; Migration in the space-time & frequency domain; Optimised & non-linear migration; Effect of velocity structure inhomogeneity; Pseudo-three-dimensional & three-dimensional migrations; Peculiarities of migration results & technology....

Seismic Prospecting for Sedimentary Formations: Russian Translations Series 76

G.N. Gogonenkov
January 01, 1990

A new method of integrated interpretation of seismic and geophysical well data, namely pseudoacoustic logging, is described. Methods of constructing detailed petro-physical models of geological sections, transformation of seismic logs into models of the medium, and the effect of various factors on...

Role of Internal Friction in Dynamic Analysis of Structures: Russian Translations Series 81

A.A. Kusainov, A.I. Tseitlin
January 01, 1990

Modern methods of dynamic analysis of structures through the application of frequency-independent damping models. Experimental data, justification for the models used in the norms & computer analysis & solutions to design problems. Economical & reliable design subjected to explosive,...