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Design of Structural Steelwork

P.R. Knowles
June 01, 1989

This second edition of Design of Structural Steelwork presents the essential design aspects of steel as a structural material. It has been carefully revised and updated to provide a modern introduction to the subject, assuming only a basic knowledge of structural analysis and solid mechanics....

Cracking and Damage

Z.P. Bazant, J. Mazars
May 30, 1989

Proceedings of the France-US Workshop on Strain Localization and Size Effect due to Cracking and Damage, Laboratorie de Mecanique et Technologie, Cachan, France, 6-9 September 1988....

Quality Assurance of Welded Construction

N T Burgess
April 10, 1989

Since the first edition of this book was published, most developments in welding construction have been within the quality assurance element of the process rather than in welding technology itself.The continuous pressures from worldwide clients seeking better reliability from welded structures has...

Specialist Floor Finishes: Design and Installation

D Cattell
March 01, 1989

First Published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

Physical Processes in the Coastal Zone: Computer Modelling and Remote Sensing

Arthur P. Cracknell, E.S. Rowan
January 01, 1989

As people come to realize the importance of the environmental impact of human activities, the study of the coastal zone has become increasingly important. In addition, new environmental legislation at regional, national, and international levels will doubtless highlight the importance of a fuller...

Fracture Toughness and Fracture Energy: Test Methods for Concrete and Rock: Proceedings of the international workshop, Sendai, 12-14 October 1988

H. Mihashi, H. Takahashi, F.H. Wittmann
January 01, 1989

The proceedings of the Workshop held at Tohoku U. in October, 1988, dealing with: structures and fracture mechanisms of aggregative materials; methods to determine and evaluate fracture toughness and energy of aggregative materials; numerical analysis of fracture; new testing methods; advanced appli...

Soil Improvement Techniques and Their Evolution

Willem van Impe
January 01, 1989

Contents: Introduction; Temporary soil improvement techniques; Permanent soil improvement without addition of any material; Permanent soil improvement by adding materials; Testing the completed soil improvements; General conclusions; References....

Tunnels and Water Vol 3

J. Serrano
January 01, 1989


Computer and Physical Modelling in Geotechnical Engineering: Proceedings of the international symposium, Bangkok, 3-6 December 1986

A.S. Balasubramaniam, et al
January 01, 1989

Proceedings of a conference on [title] held Dec. 1986, Bangkok. Covers stability of natural and man made slopes, design and analysis of foundations, underground openings and excavations, computer controlled testing and investigation of soils, computer aided solutions for some special problems in eng...