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Design Data for Rectangular Beams and Slabs to BS 8110: Part 1

1st Edition

A.H. Allen
January 01, 1986

A valuable design aid for designers of concrete structures. Provides easy-to-use tables of design data for beams and slabs for concrete grades 30, 35 and 40....

Steel Framed Structures: Stability and strength

1st Edition

R. Narayanan
March 01, 1985

Steel Framed Structures contains ten chapters on rigid frames, sway frames, multi-storey frames, interbraced columns and beams, elastic stability, moment-resisting connections, flexibly connected frames, portal frames, and braced arches....

Buried Structures: Static and Dynamic Strength

1st Edition

Dr P S Bulson
December 20, 1984

Much of the infrastructure of modern society is buried below ground. Pipeline, conduits and culverts carry the services on which our economies depend and the strength and resilience of such structures is of vital importance. Larger underground construction is becoming more common in cities and...

Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering

1st Edition

Guiliano Augusti, A. Baratta, F. Casciati
July 19, 1984

This book presents the most important applications of probablistic and statistical approaches and procedures to structural engineering....

Concrete Slabs: Analysis and design

1st Edition

L.A. Clarke, R J Cope, R.J. Cope
June 26, 1984

This book provides an up-to-date description of the latest procedures for analysis and design of reinforced concrete slabs. It explains the yield line method of analysis and Hillerborg's strip method of design, and discusses the basic North American and British practices....

Plated Structures: Stability and strength

1st Edition

R. Narayanan
December 01, 1983

This book discusses various aspects of the design of a plate girder and focuses on the associated stability problems in shear. It deals with stability problems in compression, such as those met in box girder flanges and ship hulls, and is helpful for structural designers and post-graduate students....

Manufacture and Processing of PVC

1st Edition

R H Burgess
November 01, 1981

This ten chapter book on the manufacture and processing of PVC covers bulk processing, paste, emulsion, blends, toxicity, morphology, rigid PVC and plasticised PVC....

Computer Analysis of Skeletal Structures

1st Edition

T. Johns, C T F Ross
October 29, 1981

This book presents five computer programs in FORTRAN together with descriptions of how to use them for static analysis of skeletal structures. It includes several worked examples, including pin-jointed plane and space trusses, continuous beams, and two and three dimensional rigid-jointed frames....

Prestressed Concrete Designer's Handbook, 3rd ed

1st Edition

P.W. Abeles, B K Bardhan-Roy
January 01, 1981

The third edition of this authoritative handbook provides the structural designer with comprehensive guidance on prestressed concrete and its effective use, covering materials, behaviour, analysis and design of prestressed elements. It includes numerous examples, design charts and details of...

Oscar Faber's Reinforced Concrete

2nd Edition

John G Faber, F.H. Mead
November 24, 1977

This book contains detailed coverage of the basic theory of reinforced and prestressed concrete, and demonstrates a wide range of practical applications of reinforced and prestressed concrete, with numerous examples, design-curves, and diagrams....