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A Geology for Engineers

7th Edition

F.G.H. Blyth, Michael de Freitas
October 01, 1984

No engineering structure can be built on the ground or within it without the influence of geology being experienced by the engineer. Yet geology is an ancillary subject to students of engineering and it is therefore essential that their training is supported by a concise, reliable and usable text...

Buried Rigid Pipes

1st Edition

OC Young, JJ Trott
April 01, 1984

This book is specifically concerned with pipes of rigid materials and provides some information on 'flexible' pipes that are available and on their behaviour and use as being of value to the engineer in making an initial choice....

Soil Mechanics 7th Afr Volume 2

1st Edition

January 01, 1983


Mechanics of Sediment Transport

1st Edition

A. Mueller, B. Mutlu Sumer
January 01, 1983

This book presents the studies on sediment transport in suspension and sediment transport in steep channels. It discusses the degradation and particle sorting processes....

Tropical Soils of Nigeria in Engineering Practice

1st Edition

S.A. Ola
January 01, 1983

Reference book on tropical soils for Nigeria and other tropical countries. Contents: Geology of Nigeria; Geotechnical properties and behaviour of soils; Groundwater and erosion; Engineering and geological applications; Introduction to pavement design; Index....

Soil Degradation: Proceedings of the land use seminar on soil degradation, Wageningen, 13-15 October 1980

1st Edition

D. Boels, D.B. Davies, A.E. Johnston
January 01, 1982

Sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate- General for Agriculture. 18 papers by experts on physical (caused by modern farm equipment) & organic(monocultures) soil degradation....

Soft-Ground Tunneling: Failures and displacements

1st Edition

Daniel Reséndiz, Miguel P. Romo
January 01, 1981

Lateritisation processes - Proceedings of the international seminar, Trivandrum, India, 11-14 December 1979...

Underground Excavations in Rock

1st Edition

Evert Hoek, Ted Brown
June 30, 1980

Underground Excavations in Rock deals with the geotechnical aspects of the design of underground openings for mining and civil engineering processes....