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Dynamics of Structures: Second Edition

2nd Edition

J. Humar
January 01, 2002

This major textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the analytical tools required to determine the dynamic response of structures. The topics covered include: formulation of the equations of motion for single- as well as multi-degree-of-freedom discrete systems using the principles of both...

Software for Engineering Control of Landslide and Tunnelling Hazards

1st Edition

Bhawani Singh, R.K. Goel
January 01, 2002

This practical study comprises eighteen practical and field-tested software packages on landslide in soil and rock and a further six on tunnels, complete with source programs, user manuals and worked examples. Using these software packages, this book illustrates how geomaterials in hazardous areas...

Matrix Analysis of Structural Dynamics: Applications and Earthquake Engineering

1st Edition

Franklin Y. Cheng
October 19, 2000

Uses state-of-the-art computer technology to formulate displacement method with matrix algebra. Facilitates analysis of structural dynamics and applications to earthquake engineering and UBC and IBC seismic building codes....

Dynamic Analysis and Earthquake Resistant Design

1st Edition

Japanese Society of Civil Engineers
January 01, 2000

The second volume in a projected series on dynamic analysis and earthquake resistant design, this text includes topics such as: dynamic analysis of soil-structure interaction system, rupture of ground due to earthquake and its prediciton, basic method response calculations and nonlinear problems....

Earthquake Engineering - Invited Papers: Proceedings of the eleventh European conference, Paris, France, 6-11 September 1998

1st Edition

Philippe Bisch, Pierre Labbe, Alain Pecker
January 01, 1999

This text details the findings of the 11th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Contents: Performance-based approaches for seismic assessment of existing structures; French advanced research on structural walls: An overview on recent seismic programs; Seismic microzonation of some...

Mitigating the Impact of Impending Earthquakes: Earthquake prognostics strategy transferred into practice

1st Edition

Klaus Brandes, Andreas Vogel
January 01, 1998

The concept of earthquake prognostics, originally initiated in the 80s by a Berlin-based group of scientists and experts, has been further developed at international seminars. The 6th international seminar held in 1991 at the Japanese-German Center in Berlin has considerably contributed towards...

Seismic Design and Practice into the Next Century: Proceedings of the 6th SECED conference, Oxford, 26-27 March 1998

1st Edition

Edmund Booth
January 01, 1998

The papers, from 18 countries in Europe and elsewhere, contain discussions of quite radical innovations in material technology, design philosophy, experimental techniques and analytical approaches that will affect seismic design practice into the next century. Papers are organised into 9 sections:...

Seismic Behaviour of Ground and Geotechnical Structures: Special Volume of TC 4

1st Edition

Pedro S. Seco e Pinto
January 01, 1997

Containing papers from the Special Technical Session on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, this volume includes coverage of: zonation maps; liquefaction; side effects; ground motions; slope instability; seismic behaviour of slopes; dikes and dams; and warning systems....

Seismic Design Methodologies for the Next Generation of Codes

1st Edition

P. Fajfar, H. Krawinkler
January 01, 1997

These proceedings, arising from an international workshop, present research results and ideas on issues of importance to seismic risk reduction and the development of future seismic codes....

European Seismic Design Practice - Research and Application: Proceedings of the 5th SECED conference, Chester, UK, 26-27 October 1995

1st Edition

A.S. Elnashai
January 01, 1995

It is evident that European earthquake engineering research and design practice is assuming a role of increasing importance on the international scene. This is primarily due to two considerations; firstly the emergence of a core of European earthquake engineers who are co-operating on a long-term...

Earthquake Engineering: Proceedings of the 17th European regional seminar, Haifa, 5-10 September 1993

1st Edition

Avigdor Rutenberg
January 01, 1994

This work contains 35 papers which cover: lessons from past earthquakes; seismicity, seismic risk and strong motion; soil response and soil-structure interaction; response analysis; code-oriented analysis; base isolation and active control; and strengthening of existing structures....

Phase Transformation and Rock Genesis: Russian Translations Series 107

1st Edition

M.V. Abdulov
January 01, 1994

This is a translation of "Fazovie Prevrazheniya i Petrogenez". Earthquakes, tectonic movements and magmatic activities are considered as different manifestations of the same physico-mechanical process. This text discusses characteristics of phase transformation thermodynamics and the origin of...