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Sustainable Slope Stabilisation using Recycled Plastic Pins

1st Edition

Sahadat Hossain, Sadik Khan, Golam Kibria
June 09, 2017

Landslides and slope failure are common in the US and rest of the world. The landslides cause significant damage to infrastructure and millions of dollars are required each year to fix the slope. A sustainable and costeffective option to stabilise the slope can have significant benefits, as it will...

Seismic Design Aids for Nonlinear Pushover Analysis of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Bridges

1st Edition

Jeffrey Ger, Franklin Y. Cheng
June 07, 2017

Nonlinear static monotonic (pushover) analysis has become a common practice in performance-based bridge seismic design. The popularity of pushover analysis is due to its ability to identify the failure modes and the design limit states of bridge piers and to provide the progressive collapse...

Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design

1st Edition

Victor Gioncu, Federico Mazzolani
May 31, 2017

Developments in Earthquake Engineering have focussed on the capacity and response of structures. They often overlook the importance of seismological knowledge to earthquake-proofing of design. It is not enough only to understand the anatomy of the structure, you must also appreciate the nature of...

Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction

1st Edition

Rolando P. Orense, Nawawi Chouw, Michael J. Pender
May 31, 2017

Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction contains selected papers presented at the International Workshop on Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction held in Auckland, New Zealand from 26-27 November 2009. The workshop was the venue for an international exchange of ideas, disseminating information...

Introduction to Earthquake Engineering

1st Edition

Hector Estrada, Luke S. Lee
May 25, 2017

This book is intended primarily as a textbook for students studying structural engineering. It covers three main areas in the analysis and design of structural systems subjected to seismic loading: basic seismology, basic structural dynamics, and code-based calculations used to determine seismic...

Meso-Scale Shear Physics in Earthquake and Landslide Mechanics

1st Edition

Yossef H. Hatzor, Jean Sulem, Ioannis Vardoulakis
May 22, 2017

The identification of meso-scale phenomena – occurring between microscopic and continuum length scales – has been one of the most exciting developments in rock mechanics in the last decade. Meso-scale phenomena are considered as the bridge between the two length scales in understanding shear...

Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions

1st Edition

George G. Penelis, Gregory G. Penelis
May 16, 2017

Bearing in mind that reinforced concrete is a key component in a majority of built environment structures, Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions combines the scientific knowledge of earthquake engineering with a focus on the design of reinforced concrete buildings in seismic regions. This book...

Surface Wave Methods for Near-Surface Site Characterization

1st Edition

Sebastiano Foti, Carlo G. Lai, Glenn J. Rix, Claudio Strobbia
March 31, 2017

Develop a Greater Understanding of How and Why Surface Wave Testing Works Using examples and case studies directly drawn from the authors’ experience, Surface Wave Methods for Near-Surface Site Characterization addresses both the experimental and theoretical aspects of surface wave propagation in...

Post-Earthquake Fire Analysis in Urban Structures: Risk Management Strategies

1st Edition

Behrouz Behnam
October 20, 2016

Post-earthquake fire is one of the most complicated problems resulting from earthquakes and presents a serious risk to urban structures. Most standards and codes ignore the possibility of post-earthquake fire; thus it is not factored in when determining the ability of buildings to withstand load....

Tall Building Design: Steel, Concrete, and Composite Systems

1st Edition

Bungale S. Taranath
July 14, 2016

Addresses the Question Frequently Proposed to the Designer by Architects: "Can We Do This? Offering guidance on how to use code-based procedures while at the same time providing an understanding of why provisions are necessary, Tall Building Design: Steel, Concrete, and Composite Systems...

Smart Connection Systems: Design and Seismic Analysis

1st Edition

Jong Wan Hu
October 05, 2015

This book introduces new smart connection systems which can be used in aseismic building design in order to control inter-story drifts and to reduce residual displacements. They are also utilized as damper devices and base isolators. The application of these systems to composite moment frame...

Seismic Retrofitting: Learning from Vernacular Architecture

1st Edition

Mariana R. Correia, Paulo B. Lourenco, Humberto Varum
September 08, 2015

Local communities have adapted for centuries to challenging surroundings, resulting from unforeseen natural hazards. Vernacular architecture often reveals very intelligent responses attuned to the environment. Therefore, the question that emerged was: how did local populations prepare their...