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Geometric Design of Roads Handbook


Keith M. Wolhuter
April 29, 2015

Explore the Art and Science of Geometric Design The Geometric Design of Roads Handbook covers the design of the visible elements of the road—its horizontal and vertical alignments, the cross-section, intersections, and interchanges. Good practice allows the smooth and safe flow of traffic as well...

Wind Loading of Structures, Third Edition


John D. Holmes
January 27, 2015

A Definitive Up-to-Date Reference Wind forces from various types of extreme wind events continue to generate ever-increasing damage to buildings and other structures. Wind Loading of Structures, Third Edition fills an important gap as an information source for practicing and academic engineers alik...

Seafloor Processes and Geotechnology

Ronald C. Chaney, Gideon Almagor
November 18, 2015

An ideal resource for civil engineers working with offshore structures, pipelines, dredging, and coastal erosion, Seafloor Processes and Geotechnology bridges the gap between the standard soil mechanics curriculum of civil engineering and published material on marine geotechnology. Utilizing...

Design Principles and Analysis of Thin Concrete Shells, Domes and Folders

Iakov Iskhakov, Yuri Ribakov
November 16, 2015

One of the main goals of a good and effective structural design is to decrease, as far as possible, the self-weight of structures, because they must carry the service load. This is especially important for reinforced concrete (RC) structures, as the self-weight of the material is substantial. For...

Durability of Geosynthetics, Second Edition

John H. Greenwood, Hartmut F. Schroeder, Wim Voskamp
November 15, 2015

This book provides a state-of-the-art review of the life-limiting mechanisms of geosynthetics, the methods available to test and assess lifetime, and the means by which durability can be improved. It provides engineers with the information they need on the durability lifetime, bridging the...

Hydraulicians in the USA 1800-2000: A biographical dictionary of leaders in hydraulic engineering and fluid mechanics

Willi H. Hager
November 05, 2015

This book provides 1-page short biographies of scientists and engineers having worked in the areas of hydraulic engineering and fluid dynamics in the USA. On each page, a notable individual is highlighted by: (1) Exact dates and locations of birth and death; (2) Educational and...

Sealants in Construction, Second Edition

Jerome Klosowski, Andreas T. Wolf
November 03, 2015

Revised Bestseller Offers Broad-Based Knowledge to a Wide Range of Technical Professionals The definitive guide to sealing operations in construction, this latest edition of Sealants in Construction focuses on the most current technology, methods, applications, and standards relevant to sealant...

Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridges Case Studies

Sreenivas Alampalli, William J. Moreau
November 03, 2015

An Insiders’ Guide to Inspecting, Maintaining, and Operating Bridges Suspension bridges are graceful, aesthetic, and iconic structures. Due to their attractiveness and visibility, they are well-known symbols of major cities and countries in the world. They are also essential form of transportation...

Multiscale Physical Processes of Fine Sediment in an Estuary

Yuanyang Wan
October 29, 2015

Estuaries are natural highly dynamic and rapidly changing systems, comprising a complex combination of physical processes on many different time- and space- scales. The research conducted a systematic study on the topic of fine sediment physical processes in a meso-tidal convergent alluvial estuary...

Natural Headland Sand Bypassing: Towards Identifying and Modelling the Mechanisms and Processes

Mohd Shahrizal Bin Ab Razak
October 29, 2015

This study contributes to the understanding of the mechanisms and processes of sand bypassing in artificial and non-artificial coastal environments through a numerical modelling study. Sand bypassing processes in general is a relevant but poorly understood topic. This study attempts to link the...

Hydrological Drought Forecasting in Africa at Different Spatial and Temporal Scales

Patricia M. Trambauer Arechavaleta
October 29, 2015

Africa has been severely affected by droughts in the past, contributing to food insecure conditions in several African countries. In view of the (even more) severe drought conditions and water shortage that may be expected in sub-Saharan Africa in the coming years, efforts should focus on improving...

Impact of Improved Operation and Maintenance on Cohesive Sediment Transport in Gezira Scheme, Sudan

Ishraga S. Osman
October 29, 2015

Irrigated agriculture remains to be the main option to boost the economy in Sudan in general. It can rise the living standard of the majority of the population; particularly those who are attached to farming and livestock. With the expected increase in population in the next decades, water...

Fire Protection Approaches in Site Plan Review

Mohammad Nabeel Waseem
October 28, 2015

The outcome of a fire review can greatly impact the internal fire and life safety features, as well as the architectural design of a building. An insider’s guide for both novice and expert, Fire Protection Approaches in Site Plan Review provides the framework needed to design and evaluate a...

Eco-design for Buildings and Neighbourhoods

Bruno Peuportier
October 27, 2015

A growing number of urban inhabitants are aware of pressing environmental concerns. This book aims to provide information about relevant environmental quality criteria in urban construction settings, before methods are proposed for assessing these criteria. These will be extremely helpful to...