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Petroleum Bioventing

1st Edition

J. van Eyk
January 01, 1997

Petroleum bioventing is a new technique for the biological in situ removal of petroleum hydrocarbons from soil. This book investigates the composition and the behaviour of petroleum in soil, soil properties and soil processes, their interaction with bacterial processes, possibilities for optimizing...

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design: Volume 58 - Thermoplastics to Trays: Separation: Useful CaPatity

1st Edition

John J. McKetta Jr
November 13, 1996

"Thermoplastics to Trays, Separation, Useful Capacity"...

Radiation Transfer

1st Edition

November 01, 1996


Transport Phenomena In Combustion

1st Edition

S H Chan
November 01, 1996

This two-volume set presents the proceedings from the 8th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Combustion. There are more than 150 chapters that provide an extensive review of topics such as complete numerical simulation of combustion and heat transfer in furnaces and boilers, the...

The Little Adsorption Book: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists

1st Edition

Diran Basmadjian
October 11, 1996

This unique approach to the basic concepts of adsorption is written for students, engineers, scientists, and others who need a clear presentation of adsorption processes. Unlike other texts on this subject, which are written for the specialist and rely heavily on advanced mathematics, this unique...

Risk reduction: Chemicals and energy into the 21st Century

1st Edition

Mervyn Richardson
October 04, 1996

Concerned with the need to reduce chemical risks, this text also covers related biological and physical risks. Risk reduction has an important economic role, not least in developing countries. Many of the contributors are from develping countries and indicate the problems and some of the solutions...

Dynamics of Exothermicity

1st Edition

Brian Bowen
September 15, 1996


Concise Dictionary of Environmental Engineering

1st Edition

Thomas M. Pankratz
August 28, 1996

Concise Dictionary of Environmental Engineering contains thousands of definitions of terms used in the field of environmental engineering, including technical terms, abbreviations, and product/process trademarks and brand names. It helps you make sense out of technical reports and papers, and makes...

Thermoplastic Melt Rheology and Processing

1st Edition

Aroon Shenoy
August 23, 1996

Presents rheological data on a number of polymers, making use of the master curve approach to determine unified curves for each generic type of polymer. The text offers a step-by-step procedure for developing a speadsheet computer program to obtain accurate thermoplastic rheograms at any...

Materials Selection for Hydrocarbon and Chemical Plants

1st Edition

August 08, 1996

Describes the systematic procedure for using process and mechanical design information to select construction materials suitable for a range of chemical and hydrocarbon processing plants. The volume features tables for locating the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) product form...

Hydrocracking Science and Technology

1st Edition

Julius Scherzer, A.J. Gruia
August 06, 1996

Presents advances in the field of hydrocracking. The volume includes catalytic materials, reaction mechanisms and pathways, as well as hydrocracking processes and applications. It discusses hydrocracking processes and hydrocracking technology in catalytic dewaxing, resid upgrading, and fluid...

Convective Flow Boiling

1st Edition

John C. Chen
July 01, 1996

This book comprises selected papers from the First International Conference on Convective Flow Boiling. The purpose of the conference is to examine state-of-science and recent developments in technology of flow boiling, i.e., boiling systems which are affected by convective flows....