Energy & Clean Technology

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Solar Radiation Atlas of Africa: Global and diffuse radiation fluxes at ground level derived from imaging data of the geostationary satellite METEOSAT 2

1st Edition

W. Palz, E. Raschke, T.C. Steemers, R. Stuhlman
January 01, 1991

Observations cover the continents Africa and Europe, the Middle East and wide regions of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Results for the time period (1985-1986) are presented as coloured images and in the form of tables. To ensure the accuracy of these retrieved solar radiation fields at ground...

Renewable Energy Sources: Watt Committee: report number 22

1st Edition

M.A. Laughton
September 03, 1990

Presents and analyses the sources of renewable energy, including advantages and disadvantages, projects implemented internationally, cost and environmental implications, and the benefits of system integration....

Environmental Problems And Solutions: Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain, Pollution

1st Edition

T. Veziroglu
November 01, 1989

The total estimated damage from greenhouse gas, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, and other man made changes to the environment is of staggering proportions. This clearly points out a need for presentation of the worldwide research results about the environmental effect of the above listed factors...

Photoconversion Processes for Energy and Chemicals: Energy from Biomass 5

1st Edition

D.O. Hall, G. Grassi
October 05, 1989

Proceedings of the Third EEC Workshop on Photochemical, Photoelectrochemical and Photobiological Research and Development, London, 18-21 April 1989....

Photocatalytic Production of Energy-Rich Compounds

1st Edition

G. Grassi, D.O. Hall
April 22, 1988

This workshop comprises part of the four-year (1985-1988) non-nuclear energy R & D programme for the development of renewable energy sources which is being implemented by the Commission of the European Communities. The aim of the workshop was to present work by the contracting laboratories in...