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Site Assessment and Remediation Handbook, Second Edition

Martin N. Sara
June 27, 2003

Completely revised and updated, the Second Edition of Site Assessment and Remediation Handbook provides coverage of new procedures and technologies for an expanded range of site investigations. With over 700 figures, tables, and flow charts, the handbook is a comprehensive resource for engineers,...

Water Resources Systems Analysis

Mohammad Karamouz, Ferenc Szidarovszky, Banafsheh Zahraie
June 27, 2003

Focusing on conflict resolution, Water Resources Systems Analysis discusses systematic approaches to the mathematical modeling of various water resources issues, which helps decision-makers allocate water effectively and efficiently. Readers will gain an understanding of simulation, optimization,...

Geochemical and Hydrological Reactivity of Heavy Metals in Soils

H. Magdi Selim, William L. Kingery
March 26, 2003

The hydrological and geochemical interactions between clay minerals and organic matter in soils directly influence the reaction, behavior, and mobility of heavy metals in soils. Geochemical and Hydrological Reactivity of Heavy Metals in Soils is one of few books that comprehensively illustrates...

VOC Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants: Characterization, Control and Compliance

Prakasam Tata, Jay Witherspoon, Cecil Lue-Hing
March 26, 2003

VOC Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants: Characterization, Control, and Compliance provides comprehensive information on the subject of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). It describes models of emission factors so that readers will know...

Hazardous Laboratory Chemicals Disposal Guide, Third Edition

Margaret-Ann Armour
February 27, 2003

A perennial bestseller, Hazardous Laboratory Chemicals Disposal Guide, Third Edition includes individual entries for over 300 compounds. The extensive list of references has been updated and includes entries for 15 pesticides commonly used in greenhouses. Emphasis is placed on disposal methods that...

Lake and Pond Management Guidebook

Steve McComas
January 30, 2003

The Lake and Pond Management Guidebook is the successor to the bestselling Lake Smarts: The First Lake Maintenance Handbook, the "bible" for small-scale lake and pond improvements, published by the Terrene Institute in 1993. Completely revised and updated, now published by Lewis Publishers, this...

Indoor Air Quality Engineering: Environmental Health and Control of Indoor Pollutants

Robert Jennings Heinsohn, John M. Cimbala
January 15, 2003

Written by experts, Indoor Air Quality Engineering offers practical strategies to construct, test, modify, and renovate industrial structures and processes to minimize and inhibit contaminant formation, distribution, and accumulation. The authors analyze the chemical and physical phenomena...

Combustion Technology for a Clean Environment: Selected Papers for the Proceedings of the Third International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, July 3-6, 1995

Maria Carvalho
November 08, 2002

The more than 90 refereed papers in this volume continue a series of biannual benchmarks for technologies that maximize energy conversion while minimizing undesirable emissions. Covering the entire range of industrial and transport combustion as well as strategies for energy research and...

Fuel Cell Technology Handbook

Gregor Hoogers
September 27, 2002

Fuel cell systems have now reached a degree of technological maturity and appear destined to form the cornerstone of future energy technologies. But the rapid advances in fuel cell system development have left current information available only in scattered journals and Internet sites. The even...

Geothermal Energy Resources for Developing Countries

D. Chandrasekharam, J. Bundschuh
January 01, 2002

This text aims to be a driving force for an economically sound and sustainable development of developing countries. It looks at the provision of geothermal energy within the framework of sustainable energy development for power generation, rural electrification and so forth....

Hydrogen as a Fuel: Learning from Nature

Richard Cammack, Michel Frey, Robert Robson
November 15, 2001

There continues to be widespread interest in the applications of hydrogen as a clean fuel and its potential for local electricity production and use in transport. Recent years have seen a variety of breakthroughs in our understanding of the nature, structure, and biosynthesis of hydrogenases. This...

Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines

Franco Di Paolo
June 27, 2000

A single text that incorporates all of the theoretical principles and practical aspects of planar transmission line devices - since the early development of striplines, it has been sought by countless microwave engineers, researchers, and students. With the publication of Networks and Devices Using...