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Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines

Franco Di Paolo
June 27, 2000

A single text that incorporates all of the theoretical principles and practical aspects of planar transmission line devices - since the early development of striplines, it has been sought by countless microwave engineers, researchers, and students. With the publication of Networks and Devices Using...

Clean Combustion Technologies: Proceedings of the Second International Conference, Part A

Maria da Graca Carvalho, F. C. Lockwood, Woodrow A Fiveland, Christos Papadopoulos
May 11, 1999

The seventy-five refereed papers in this volume represent the second in a series of biannual benchmarks for technologies that maximize energy conversion while minimizing undesirable emissions. Covering the entire range of industrial and transport combustion as well as strategies for energy R&D,...

Wind Energy and Landscape: Proceedings of the international workshop WEL, Genova, Italy, 26-27 June 1997

C.F. Ratto, G. Solari
January 01, 1998

Arising from an international workshop, these papers discuss aspects of wind turbines and the landscape. Topics: Harmonization of wind turbines with landscape; Visual and audio impact of wind turbines; Interference with telecommunication; Impact of wind turbines on birds; Real experiences in...

Alternative Fuels

Sunggyu Lee
September 01, 1996

Environmentally acceptable alternative fuels are in demand. This book dicusses the energy resources that are directly tied to the alleviation of petroleum dependence, and the science and technology in the area of alternative fuels. Various process treatments leading to cleaner and better use of...

Handbook on Bioethanol: Production and Utilization

Charles Wyman
July 01, 1996

Bioethanol is a versatile transportation fuel and fuel additive that offers excellent performance and reduced air pollution compared to conventional fuels. Its production and use adds little, if any, net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, dramatically reducing the potential for global...

Hydropower '92

E. Broch, D.K. Lysne
January 01, 1992

The planning of hydropower developments is still a great challenge covering a wide range of technical, economic and environmental issues. The present volume addresses these issues and highlights the ways in which hydropower can be developed to meet varying demands and changing conditions....

Solar Radiation Atlas of Africa: Global and diffuse radiation fluxes at ground level derived from imaging data of the geostationary satellite METEOSAT 2

W. Palz, E. Raschke, T.C. Steemers, R. Stuhlman
January 01, 1991

Observations cover the continents Africa and Europe, the Middle East and wide regions of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Results for the time period (1985-1986) are presented as coloured images and in the form of tables. To ensure the accuracy of these retrieved solar radiation fields at ground...

Renewable Energy Sources: Watt Committee: report number 22

M.A. Laughton
September 03, 1990

Presents and analyses the sources of renewable energy, including advantages and disadvantages, projects implemented internationally, cost and environmental implications, and the benefits of system integration....