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Forests at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Conservation and Management

1st Edition

Susan W. Vince, Mary L. Duryea, Edward A. Macie, Annie Hermansen
November 29, 2004

Forests at the wildland-urban interface are at increasing risk due to the impacts of urbanization. Conserving and managing these forestlands for continued ecological and social benefits is a critical and complex challenge facing natural resource managers, land-use planners, and policymakers.Forests...

Regional Scale Ecological Risk Assessment: Using the Relative Risk Model

1st Edition

Wayne G. Landis
November 15, 2004

As debates over how relative risk can be used to shape landscape-scale environmental management intensify, Regional-Scale Risk Assessment demonstrates the capabilities of RRM using nine case studies in the Pacific Northwest, Pennsylvania, Brazil, and Tasmania. The authors use a process of ranking...

Energy-Efficient Electric Motors, Revised and Expanded

3rd Edition

Ali Emadi
August 30, 2004

This detailed reference provides guidelines for the selection and utilization of electric motors for improved reliability, performance, energy-efficiency, and life-cycle cost. Completely revised and expanded, the book reflects the recent state of the field, as well as recent developments in control...

Emerging Demands for the Safety of Nuclear Power Operations: Challenge and Response

1st Edition

Naosuke Itoigawa, Babette Fahlbruch, Bernhard Wilpert
July 08, 2004

Technological and social aspects of industrial safety come under the scrutiny of scientists and engineers from an array of backgrounds. This is the third publication developed from a very fruitful, longstanding cooperation between the Institute of Social Research within the Institute of Nuclear...

Handbook of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment

2nd Edition

Lawrence K. Wang, Yung-Tse Hung, Howard H. Lo, Constantine Yapijakis
June 29, 2004

Presenting effective, practicable strategies modeled from ultramodern technologies and framed by the critical insights of 78 field experts, this vastly expanded Second Edition offers 32 chapters of industry- and waste-specific analyses and treatment methods for industrial and hazardous waste...

Water Resources Engineering in Karst

1st Edition

Petar Milanovic
June 11, 2004

A definitive guide, this book focuses on the design and construction of water infrastructure projects within karst formations and provides engineering approaches for preventing and mitigating their environmental problems. It features 200 figures, investigative techniques, practical design solutions...

Sustainable Agriculture and the International Rice-Wheat System

1st Edition

Rattan Lal, Peter R. Hobbs, Norman Uphoff, Rattan Lal
May 24, 2004

Addressing a topic of major importance to the maintenance of world food supplies, this reference identifies knowledge gaps, defines priorities, and formulates recommendations for the improvement of the rice-wheat farming system. The book reveals new systems of rice intensification and management...

Predicting Chemical Toxicity and Fate

1st Edition

Mark T.D. Cronin
May 10, 2004

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSARs) are increasingly used to predict the harmful effects of chemicals to humans and the environment. The increased use of these methods in a variety of areas (academic, industrial, regulatory) results from a realization that very little...

Environmental Monitoring

1st Edition

G. Bruce Wiersma
April 27, 2004

The current rate and scale of environmental change around the world makes the detection and understanding of these changes increasingly urgent. Subsequently, government legislation is focusing on measurable results of environmental programs, requiring researchers to employ effective and efficient...

International Control of Tritium for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament

1st Edition

Martin B. Kalinowski
March 29, 2004

Tritium is used by all nuclear weapons states to increase the explosive yield of atomic bombs and to miniaturize them. However, this radioactive material has not yet been put under appropriate international control comparable to the nuclear safeguards applied for plutonium and uranium. It is a...

Global Water Dynamics: Shallow and Deep Groundwater, Petroleum Hydrology, Hydrothermal Fluids, and Landscaping

1st Edition

Emanuel Mazor
March 18, 2004

All that makes this planet special is largely attributable to liquid water. Water in one form or another is found all over our planet, even encountered at depths of thousands of meters within the rocky crust. With a history of around four billion years, water has been around since the early days of...

Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology: A Fifty-Year Perspective

1st Edition

Ross E. McKinney
March 11, 2004

Compiling knowledge gained through more than 50 years of experience in environmental engineering technology, this book illustrates the application of fundamental concepts in microbiology to provide a sound basis for the design and operation of various biological systems used in solving...