Computer Science & Engineering

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Physics-Based Vision: Principles and Practice: Color, Volume 2

1st Edition

Lawrence B. Wolff, Steven A. Shafer, Glenn E. Healey
January 02, 1993

Commentaries by the editors to this comprehensive anthology in the area of physics-based vision put the papers in perspective and guide the reader to a thorough understanding of the basics of the field. Paper Topics Include: - Color Image Formation - Color Reflection Models - Color Image...

Multiple-Valued Logic Design: an Introduction

1st Edition

G Epstein
January 01, 1993

Multiple-Valued Logic Design: An Introduction explains the theory and applications of this increasingly important subject. Written in a clear and understandable style, the author develops the material in a skillful way. Without using a huge mathematical apparatus, he introduces the subject in a...

Computational mechanics - From concepts to computations, volume 2: Proceedings of the Asian-Pacific conference, Sydney, 3-6 August 1993, 2 volumes

1st Edition

S. Valliappan, V.A. Pulmano, E. Tin-Loi
January 01, 1993

Keynote papers, invited papers and papers selected from a vast number of contributions submitted. These papers encompass the various computational aspects related to solid mechanics, geomechanics, fluid mechanics, fracture & damage mechanics, biomechanics, optimization, contamination,...

Discrete Event Simulation: A Practical Approach

1st Edition

Udo W. Pooch, James A. Wall
December 21, 1992

Discrete Event Simulation is a process-oriented text/reference that utilizes an eleven-step model to represent the simulation process from problem formulation to implementation and documentation. The book presents the necessary level of detail required to fully develop a model that produces...

Automating the Design of Computer Systems

1st Edition

William P. Birmingham, Anurag P. Gupta, Daniel P. Siewiorek
December 18, 1992

Addressing the issues of engineering design in computer architecture, this book describes the design and implementation of MICON, a system for automating the synthesis of small computers....

Expert Systems: Applications for Structural, Transportation, and Environmental Engineering

1st Edition

M. Arockiasamy
November 30, 1992

Engineering, medicine, computer science, mathematics, and business all use applications of expert systems for problem solving that would normally require human skill. These expert systems solve varied problems with a similar procedure - so that knowledge of their use in other specialties will...

Encyclopedia of Microcomputers: Volume 11 - Management Studies to Multiprocessing and Multitasking

1st Edition

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
November 25, 1992

"The Encyclopedia of Microcomputers serves as the ideal companion reference to the popular Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology. Now in its 10th year of publication, this timely reference work details the broad spectrum of microcomputer technology, including microcomputer history;...

Ensuring Software Reliability

1st Edition

Ann Marie Neufelder
November 12, 1992

Explains how software reliability can be applied to software programs of all sizes, functions and languages, and businesses. This text provides real-life examples from industries such as defence engineering, and finance. It is aimed at software and quality assurance engineers and graduate students....

Multiprocessor Methods for Computer Graphics Rendering

1st Edition

Scott Whitman
November 02, 1992

This comprehensive work merges two of the hottest topics in computer science: parallel computing and computer graphics. Selected Topics from the Table of Contents: -Overview of Accelerated Rendering Techniques -Overview of Parallel Methods for Image Generation -Issues in Parallel Algorithm...

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 27 - Supplement 12: Artificial Intelligence and ADA to Systems Integration: Concepts: Methods, and Tools

1st Edition

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
October 29, 1992

"This comprehensive reference work provides immediate, fingertip access to state-of-the-art technology in nearly 700 self-contained articles written by over 900 international authorities. Each article in the Encyclopedia features current developments and trends in computers, software, vendors, and...

Integrated Computer Network Systems

1st Edition

July 21, 1992

This single-source reference offers complete coverage of computer network design, implementation, management, and functionality.;Discussing all major areas related to computer networks, Integrated Computer Network Systems describes: techniques for interoperability testing; network design...

Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory

1st Edition

Eugene D. Fabricius
June 23, 1992

Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory is an important text that focuses on promoting an understanding of digital logic and the computer programs used in the minimization of logic expressions. Several computer approaches are explained at an elementary level, including the Quine-McCluskey method...