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Conical Approach to Linear Programming

1st Edition

P D'Alessandro
October 29, 1997

The conical approach provides a geometrical understanding of optimization and is a powerful research tool and useful problem-solving technique (for example, in decision support and real time control applications). Conical optimality conditions are first stated in a very general optimization...

Patterns, Models, and Application Development: A C++ Programmer's Reference

1st Edition

Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton
October 24, 1997

Patterns, Models, and Application Development, a new book from two experts in C++, integrates a methodology for program development and covers three main categories: object modeling as a program design tool, design patterns and their modeling in C++ language structures, and a discussion of the...

Philosophical Issues In Information Systems

1st Edition

R L Winder, S K Probert, I. A. Beeson
October 17, 1997

This ground-breaking book represents the work of a variety of researchers in information systems that share a common concern to use philosophical approaches to help solve problems in information systems. It brings together many of the leading researchers in the field and provides a broad-based...

Computational Intelligence: An Introduction

1st Edition

Witold Pedrycz
September 08, 1997

Computational intelligence as a new development paradigm of intelligent systems has resulted from a synergy between neural networks, fuzzy sets, and genetic computations. This emerging area, even at its very earliest stage, has already attracted the attention of top researchers and practitioners....

An Introduction to Neural Networks

1st Edition

Kevin Gurney
August 05, 1997

Though mathematical ideas underpin the study of neural networks, the author presents the fundamentals without the full mathematical apparatus. All aspects of the field are tackled, including artificial neurons as models of their real counterparts; the geometry of network action in pattern space;...

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 37 - Supplement 22: Artificial Intelligence and Object-Oriented Technologies to Searching: An Algorithmic Tour

1st Edition

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
July 09, 1997

Artificial Intelligence and Object-Oriented Technologies to Searching: An Algorithmic Tour...

Graphics Interface 1997

5th Edition

Michael McCool
June 01, 1997

Graphics Interface Proceedings is a collection of the papers presented at the annual gathering of the Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society. This collection of papers was presented in May of 1997 in Kelowana, B.C. Graphics Interface is the Canadian annual conference devoted to computer...

Encyclopedia of Microcomputers: Volume 20 - Visual Fidelity: Designing Multimedia Interfaces for Active Learning to Xerox Corporation

1st Edition

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
May 21, 1997

Visual Fidelity: Designing Multimedia Interfaces for Active Learning to Xerox Corporation...

Atlas of Visualization, Volume III

1st Edition

Yasuki Nakayama, Yoshimichi Tanida
March 24, 1997

Visualization is a novel interdisciplinary science for making any phenomenon clear by visualizing the invisible using computer techniques. The Atlas of Visualization presents the latest advances in visualization techniques, image processing, computer graphics, and visualization of measured and...

Distributed Simulation

1st Edition

John A. Hamilton, David A. Nash, Udo W. Pooch
March 12, 1997

Simulation is a multi-disciplinary field, and significant simulation research is dispersed across multiple fields of study. Distributed computer systems, software design methods, and new simulation techniques offer synergistic multipliers when joined together in a distributed simulation. Systems of...

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 36 - Supplement 21: Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Management to Requirements Engineering

1st Edition

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
February 14, 1997

Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Managemetn to Requirements Engineering...

Algorithms for Robotic Motion and Manipulation: WAFR 1996

1st Edition

Jean-Paul Laumond, Mark Overmars
February 11, 1997

This volume deals with core problems in robotics, like motion planning, sensor-based planning, manipulation, and assembly planning. It also discusses the application of robotics algorithms in other domains, such as molecular modeling, computer graphics, and image analysis. Topics Include: -...