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Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 35 - Supplement 20: Acquiring Task-Based Knowledge and Specifications to Seek Time Evaluation

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
July 26, 1996

Acquiring Task-Based Knowledge and Specifications to Seek Time Evaluation...

Elements of Algebraic Coding Theory

L.R. Vermani
July 01, 1996

Coding theory came into existence in the late 1940's and is concerned with devising efficient encoding and decoding procedures.The book is intended as a principal text for first courses in coding and algebraic coding theory, and is aimed at advanced undergraduates and recent graduates as both a...

Frames and Resolvable Designs: Uses, Constructions and Existence

Steven Furino, Miao Ying, Yin Jianxing
June 10, 1996

Frames, together with a modified fundamental construction, provide a powerful recursive mechanism for constructing resolvable balanced incomplete block designs (BIBDs). Frames and Resolvable Designs: Uses, Constructions and Existence presents a unique study of frames and their application to this...

Atlas of Visualization, Volume II

Yasuki Nakayama, Yoshimichi Tanida
May 29, 1996

Visualization is a novel interdisciplinary science for making any phenomenon clear by visualizing the invisible using computer techniques. It covers such diverse phenomena as fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, sound, electromagnetism, and chemical change and its combinations. The Atlas of...

Encyclopedia of Microcomputers: Volume 18 - Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving to Truth-Functional Logic

Allen Kent, James G. Williams
May 23, 1996

Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving to Truth-Functional Logic...

Data Acquisition and Process Control Using Personal Computers

April 23, 1996

"Covers all areas of computer-based data acquisition--from basic concepts to the most recent technical developments--without the burden of long theoretical derivations and proofs. Offers practical, solution-oriented design examples and real-life case studies in each chapter and furnishes valuable...

Handbook of Neural Computation

E Fiesler, R Beale
January 01, 1996

The Handbook of Neural Computation is a practical, hands-on guide to the design and implementation of neural networks used by scientists and engineers to tackle difficult and/or time-consuming problems.The handbook bridges an information pathway between scientists and engineers in different...

Graphical Belief Modeling

Russel .G Almond
November 30, 1995

This innovative volume explores graphical models using belief functions as a representation of uncertainty, offering an alternative approach to problems where probability proves inadequate. Graphical Belief Modeling makes it easy to compare the two approaches while evaluating their relative...


Richard A. Mollin
October 24, 1995

The first thing you will find out about this book is that it is fun to read. It is meant for the browser, as well as for the student and for the specialist wanting to know about the area. The footnotes give an historical background to the text, in addition to providing deeper applications of the...

The Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: New Frontiers, Volume II

Lance D. Chambers
August 15, 1995

The mathematics employed by genetic algorithms (GAs)are among the most exciting discoveries of the last few decades. But what exactly is a genetic algorithm? A genetic algorithm is a problem-solving method that uses genetics as its model of problem solving. It applies the rules of reproduction,...

Computer System and Network Security

Gregory B. White, Eric A. Fisch, Udo W. Pooch
August 10, 1995

Computer System and Network Security provides the reader with a basic understanding of the issues involved in the security of computer systems and networks. Introductory in nature, this important new book covers all aspects related to the growing field of computer security. Such complete coverage...

Proceedings of the 1995 International Conference on Parallel Processing: August 14 - 18, 1995, Volume I

Prithviraj Banerjee
August 08, 1995

This set of technical books contains all the information presented at the 1995 International Conference on Parallel Processing. This conference, held August 14 - 18, featured over 100 lectures from more than 300 contributors, and included three panel sessions and three keynote addresses. The...