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Structural Dynamic Systems Computational Techniques and Optimization: Computational Techniques

1st Edition

Cornelius T. Leondes
March 22, 1999

Computational techniques for the analysis and design of structural dynamic systems using numerical methods have been the focus of an enormous amount of research for several decades. In general, the numerical methods utilized to solve these problems include two phases: (a) spatial discretization by...

Handbook of Fuzzy Computation

1st Edition

E Ruspini, P Bonissone, W Pedrycz
January 01, 1998

Initially conceived as a methodology for the representation and manipulation of imprecise and vague information, fuzzy computation has found wide use in problems that fall well beyond its originally intended scope of application. Many scientists and engineers now use the paradigms of fuzzy...

Neural Network Analysis, Architectures and Applications

1st Edition

A Browne
January 01, 1997

Neural Network Analysis, Architectures and Applications discusses the main areas of neural networks, with each authoritative chapter covering the latest information from different perspectives. Divided into three parts, the book first lays the groundwork for understanding and simplifying networks....

Neural Network Perspectives on Cognition and Adaptive Robotics

1st Edition

A Browne
January 01, 1997

Featuring an international team of authors, Neural Network Perspectives on Cognition and Adaptive Robotics presents several approaches to the modeling of human cognition and language using neural computing techniques. It also describes how adaptive robotic systems can be produced using neural...

Handbook of Evolutionary Computation

1st Edition

Thomas Baeck, D.B Fogel, Z Michalewicz
January 01, 1997

Many scientists and engineers now use the paradigms of evolutionary computation (genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, genetic programming, classifier systems, and combinations or hybrids) to tackle problems that are either intractable or unrealistically time consuming...

Handbook of Neural Computation

1st Edition

E Fiesler, R Beale
January 01, 1996

The Handbook of Neural Computation is a practical, hands-on guide to the design and implementation of neural networks used by scientists and engineers to tackle difficult and/or time-consuming problems.The handbook bridges an information pathway between scientists and engineers in different...

Computational Stochastic Mechanics

1st Edition

P.D. Spanos
January 01, 1995

This volume features papers from the Second International Conference on Computational Stochastic Mechanics. It covers such topics as: random processes and fields; random vibrations; control and optimization; earthquake engineering; Monte Carlo methods; and stochastic finite elements....

A Numerical Library in C for Scientists and Engineers

1st Edition

Hang T. Lau
November 23, 1994

This extensive library of computer programs-written in C language-allows readers to solve numerical problems in areas of linear algebra, ordinary and partial differential equations, optimization, parameter estimation, and special functions of mathematical physics.The library is based on NUMAL, the...

Applications of Computational Mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering

1st Edition

R.F. Azevedo, M. Matos Fernandes, L.M. Ribeiro e Sousa, E.A. Vargas
January 01, 1994

The development of constitutive relations for geotechnical materials, with the help of numerical models, have increased notably the ability to predict and to interpret the mechanical behaviour of geotechnical works. This work covers rock excavations, soil excavations, earth fills and dams....

Microcomputer Algorithms: Action from Algebra

1st Edition

John Killingbeck
January 01, 1991

Although the computing facilities available to scientists are becoming more powerful, the problems they are addressing are increasingly complex. The mathematical methods for simplifying the computing procedures are therefore as important as ever. Microcomputer Algorithms: Action from Algebra...

Compact Numerical Methods for Computers: Linear Algebra and Function Minimisation

1st Edition

John C. Nash
January 01, 1990

This second edition of Compact Numerical Methods for Computers presents reliable yet compact algorithms for computational problems. As in the previous edition, the author considers specific mathematical problems of wide applicability, develops approaches to a solution and the consequent algorithm,...

Neural Computing - An Introduction

1st Edition

R Beale, T Jackson
January 01, 1990

Neural computing is one of the most interesting and rapidly growing areas of research, attracting researchers from a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Starting from the basics, Neural Computing covers all the major approaches, putting each in perspective in terms of their capabilities,...