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Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics: An Introduction, Fourth Edition,

4th Edition

August 26, 1986

For a decade and a half, Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics has been used in theclassrooms around the world as an introductory textbook on biophannaceutics and phannacokinetics.Now, the new Fourth Edition, Revised and Expanded further enhances the preceding editions'proven features,...

Receptor Binding in Drug Research

1st Edition

A. O'brien
June 25, 1986

This book describes the applications of receptor techniques in many different areas in addition to conventional drug and neurotransmitter binding sites. It reviews humoral modulators such as a leukotrienes, interferon, platelet-derived growth factor, and novel endogenous ligands....

Advances in Chromatography: Volume 25

1st Edition

J. Calvin Giddings
April 10, 1986

This book presents the most up-to-date information on a wide range of developments in chromatographic methods and applications. It provides timely, cutting-edge reviews in the fields of bio-, analytical, organic, polymer, and pharmaceutical chemistry....

Chemistry of Plant Hormones

1st Edition

Nobutaka Takahashi
January 17, 1986

The chemistry of the five principal plant hormone groups is discussed in detail in this volume. Contributing authors review history and occurrence of each hormone group, methods of isolation and detection, biosynthesis and metabolism, and structural determination. Through these analyses, the...

Chromatographic Separations of Stereoisomers

1st Edition

Rex W. Souter
December 10, 1985

Provides current knowledge about separation and interactions of asymmetric molecules, as well as experimental and commercial ma-terials such as columns, instruments, and derivatization reagents. Extensive applications are tabulated by both chromato-graphic technique and compound class, and...

Handbook of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Emission Sources and Recent Progress in Analytical Chemistry--Volume 2:

1st Edition

December 06, 1985

This volume concerns sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), their emission factors, and relative importance. It deals with exposure, uptake, metabolism, and detection of PAH in the human body. The volume contains an update of information in environmental and biochemical studies of PAH....

Gel Permeation and Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Proteins and Peptides

1st Edition

Kato, Simone Parvez, Hasan Parvez
December 01, 1985

This book is a collection of critical reviews of the use of high-performance liquid chromatography in a very specialized area of research. It describes in detail modern methodology to separate nucleic acids, enzymes and a wide variety of biologically active proteins such as renin....

Fabric Filtration for Combustion Sources: Fundamentals and Basic Technology

1st Edition

October 29, 1985

This book focuses on the most important applications of fabric filtration: environmental protection, particulate control from combustion sources. It summarises the types of fibers and their properties and gives an overview of textile processing....

Chemi- and Bioluminescence

1st Edition

August 05, 1985

This book focuses on instrumentation of chemi- and bioluminescence and discusses the nature of chemiluminescence as the exothermic oxidation of a substrate organic compound to give an energy-rich product that is luminescent. It describes the applications of chemiluminescence....

Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Volume 19: Antibiotics and Their Complexes

1st Edition

Helmut Sigel
July 30, 1985

This volume is an attempt to improve the understanding of the coordination chemistry and action of the biologically important compounds, also termed antibiotics, and to stimulate further research in this area, describing the properties of the biologically important compounds....