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Organic Substances and Sediments in Water, Volume III

1st Edition

Robert A. Baker
August 19, 1991

The fate and transport of natural and anthropogenic sediment-borne organic contaminants is a critical environmental issue and complex processes are involved that until now have been poorly defined. Organic Substances and Sediments in Water is a three-volume book that provides the best information...

Excess Electrons in Dielectric Media

1st Edition

Christiane Ferradini, Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin
August 05, 1991

This book provides a comprehensive review of the present knowledge and current problems concerning physical-chemical aspects of the behavior of excess electrons in various media. The book's 13 chapters strike a balance between theoretical and experimental accounts and provide in-depth presentations...

Organic Photochemistry

1st Edition

Albert Padwa
August 02, 1991

Organic photochemistry is the science arising from the application of photochemicalmethods to organic chemistry and organic chemical methods to photochemistry. It is aninterdisciplinary frontier.Intense activity in organic photochemistry in the last decade has produced so vast anaccumulation of...

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Peptides and Proteins: Separation, Analysis, and Conformation

1st Edition

Colin T. Mant, Robert S. Hodges
July 24, 1991

This book consists of a series of 82 precise, easy-to-read articles by internationally renowned scientists and emphasizes the practical approach to HPLC with minimal theory, although the underlying principles for peptide and protein separations are clearly expressed. All of the major modes of...

Theory and Application of Morphological Analysis: Fine Particles and Surfaces

1st Edition

David W. Luerkens
July 24, 1991

This book is one in a series dedicated to fine particle science and technology. Topics covered in the book include the role of definitions, concepts, hypothesis, and laws; morphological analysis of fine particles and surfaces; analytical three-dimensional representations of particle and surface...

Glycerine: A Key Cosmetic Ingredient

1st Edition

Eric Jungermann, Norman O.V. Sonntag
July 19, 1991


Calcium Channels: Their Properties, Functions, Regulation, and Clinical Relevance

1st Edition

L. Donald Partridge, John K. Leach
July 03, 1991

The most comprehensive compendium of information available on calcium channelsCalcium channels are a common component of the membranes of a wide range of excitable cells, and their presence is crucial to the functioning of these cells. This book presents a current review of the biophysics,...

Directory Of Plants Containing Secondary Metabolites

1st Edition

J S Glasby
July 02, 1991

Interest in the potential medical use of naturally occuring chemicals in plants is increasing. This is intended to provide a comprehensive and up- to-date directory of plants and the substances found in them. It covers over 8000 plant species...

Fluid Fertilizer Science and Technology

1st Edition

June 28, 1991

Illustrates current fluid fertilizer technology in the US and abroad, including manufacture, handling, storage, distribution, and use in the field demonstrating how fluid fertilizer facilitates more precise delivery of nutrition to crops. The volume provides the means to analyze fluid fertilizer sys...

Quality Control Advisor and GC Advisor

1st Edition

Lawrence H. Keith
June 27, 1991

The Quality Control Advisor and GC Advisor provides answers, explanations, and definitions for selecting the QC samples and GC detectors needed to meet your specific data quality objectives. It takes the guesswork out of these critical aspects of sampling and analysis.The program covers quality...

Applied Biocatalysis: Volume 1

1st Edition

Harvey W. Blanch, Douglas S. Clark
June 24, 1991


Lipoproteins as Carriers of Pharmacological Agents

1st Edition

Michael Shaw
June 21, 1991

Explores endogenous lipoprotein particles and their interaction with pharmacological agents. Among the topics are receptor-dependent interactions of lipoproteins with tissues and cell types, their uptake and transport with the vascular endothelium, therapeutic and chemical agents that associate in v...