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Roles of Copper in Lipid Metabolism

Kai Y. Lei
May 16, 1990

The aim of this book is to provide a reference for researchers in the field of trace mineral and lipid metabolism. It addresses the influence of dietary copper status on cholesterol, lipoprotein and apolipoprotein metabolism as well as lipoprotein receptor characteristics. This fascinating volume...

Pvp: A Critical Review of the Kinetics and Toxicology of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (Povidone)

Wolfgang Schwarz
May 09, 1990

Polyvinylpyrrolidone is widely used in medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, printing inks, textiles, and many more diverse applications. This book describes the 50 years of research, published and unpublished, on the absorption, distribution, storage, and excretion of PVP. The toxicology of...

Liquid Membranes: Chemical Applications

Takeo Araki, Hiroshi Tsukube
May 09, 1990

This interesting work extensively describes newer applications of liquid membrane systems which contain molecular and/or ion recognizing carrier compounds and the related characteristic membrane materials. This volume focuses on the current knowledge about chemistry, biology and related technology...

Metals Speciation, Separation, and Recovery, Volume Two

Gary Thomas Patterson
April 30, 1990

By and for engineers and scientists, this comprehensive book covers all aspects of metals chemistry, separation chemistry, and metals separation processes. State-of-the-art papers give news and recent developments and future research needs, of special value and interest to persons from industry,...

Monovalent Cations in Biological Systems

Charles A. Pasternak
March 26, 1990

This unique volume provides an integrated overview of the subject of monovalent cations, specifically aimed at students and researchers. It is divided into two parts: the first deals with the processes by which monovalent cations are transported across biological membranes; the second deals with...

Physics Of Materials

R. J. Weiss
March 01, 1990

A new edition of "Solid State Physics for Metallurgists" which is revised to reflect university metallurgy departments' broadening outlook on the subject....

Flavonoid Metabolism

Helen A. Stafford
February 28, 1990

This comprehensive review discusses the biosynthesis and catabolism of flavonoids and their regulation in plants. This interesting work approaches the subject matter from both a historical and methodological point of view. It places emphasis on key regulatory enzymic steps in the two pathways...

Handbook of Environmental Fate and Exposure Data For Organic Chemicals, Volume II

Philip H. Howard
February 28, 1990

This 5-volume set allows you to assess the health and environmental effects of chemicals by determining the routes of exposure of the chemical to sensitive organisms. Environmental Fate and Exposure of Organic Chemicals provides relevant facts on how individual chemicals behave in the environment...

Water Quality Modeling: River Transport and Surface Exchange, Volume I

Steven C. McCutcheon
January 05, 1990

This fascinating work is divided into two main sections. Part I reviews the basic principles of water movement in channels and the mass balance approach common to most models. It also covers the practical usefulness, model peer review, and guidance on model selection and calibration. Part II...

Activation Analysis, Volume I

Zeev Alfassi
January 05, 1990

This timely publication covers prompt measurements as well as delayed activation measurements used in chemical analysis of the elements. It describes the various possibilities of activation: neutrons, charged ions, and photons. Also discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of each activation...

Protein Methylation

Woon Ki Paik, Sangduk Kim
December 31, 1989

This significant volume provides reviews on protein methylation reactions which occur ubiquitously in nature. Written in a comprehensive style, this work covers knowledge on the natural occurrence of methylated amino acids, their chemical synthesis, plus the enzymology, biological regulator, and...