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Peroxidases in Chemistry and Biology, Volume II

Johannes Everse, Matthew B. Grisham
October 24, 1990


Cation Binding by Macrocycles: Complexation of Cationic Species by Crown Ethers

September 28, 1990

This reference details the theory and application of cation complexation, including the design and synthesis of various cyclic systems, these materials' use as transport systems, in complexation and selectivity studies by macrocyclic systems, and methodologies for understanding these phenomena. In a...

Immunodiagnosis of Cancer, Second Edition,

M.d d.
September 28, 1990

Updated to reflect changes in the field since publication of the first edition in 1979. Provides a detailed review of the methodology available for assessing the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer patients including data on the application of tumor marker assays and other immunodiagnostic procedures...

Membrane Fusion

Jan Wilschut
September 28, 1990

A broad overview of recent progress in membrane fusion research, treating the subject from the fields of biophysics, biochemistry, cell biology, virology, and biotechnology. Featuring sections on the general properties of membranes and applications of membrane fusion techniques, this sourcebook outl...

Alkylene Oxides and Their Polymers

F.E. Bailey
September 28, 1990

A comprehensive treatment of a large family of polymers useful in a wide range of applications in such fields as automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, metal-working, mining, industrial coating, textile, construction, and home furnishings. Summarizes the chemistry and mechanisms; provides basic prepa...


F.C.M. Driessens, R.K. Verbeeck
September 26, 1990

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of biominerals, in particular phosphates and carbonates of calcium. The book begins with a discussion of the theories of solid state chemistry and thermodynamics of ionic solid solutions and applies these theories to show how physiological constituents...

Molecular Description of Biological Membrane Components by Computer Aided Conformational Analysis, Volume II

Robert Brasseur
September 25, 1990

The goal of these two volumes is to help fill the gap between theory and experiment in membrane science. This is the only work available today which covers the domain of computer-aided conformational analyses of membranes. Written in a detailed, yet comprehensive manner, this book uses the...

Protein Nutrition and Mineral Absorption

Raul A. Wapnir
September 25, 1990

This volume presents information regarding the mechanisms of protein absorption under normal and pathologic conditions, in addition to reviewing changes that occur at various stages of life. General modifiers of intestinal absorption, such as the processing of foods, the nutritional status of the...

Long Range Transport of Pesticides

David A. Kurtz
September 24, 1990

International experts present the latest vital information on long range transport of pesticides. This book includes sources of pesticides from lakes, oceans, and soil, circulation on global and regional basis, deposition, and fate of pesticides. An ACS Division of Agrochemicals book and...

Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membranerelation to Growth and Transport, Volume I

Frederick L. Crane, D. James Morre, Hans E. Low
September 24, 1990

The concept of general oxidoreductase function at the plasma level is new. Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membrane: Relation to Growth and Transport provides the first truly comprehensive coverage of the oxidoreduction reactions in plasma membranes and the role that can now be attributed to these...

Fundamentals of Protein Biotechnology

August 31, 1990

Fills a gap between the existing studies of proteins, which tend to be highly technical and geared toward the practicing protein chemist, and biochemistry textbooks, which focus on general principles. Scientists cover a dozen topics by presenting fundamental principles, an overview, and the practica...