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Noble Metals and Biological Systems: Their Role in Medicine, Mineral Exploration, and the Environment

1st Edition

Robert R. Brooks
April 06, 1992

Noble Metals and Biological Systems examines the relationship between noble metals (gold, silver, and platinum group metals) and biological systems. The book is divided into three parts.Part 1 is concerned with the analytical chemistry of noble metals and includes a description of the latest...

Chemical Deicers and the Environment

1st Edition

Frank M. D'Itri
March 30, 1992

Chemical Deicers and the Environment provides a complete discussion of chemical deicer technology and history in the United States and Canada. The book describes engineering applications, maintenance procedures, economic evaluations, in addition to environmental problems and concerns relative to...

Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Volume 28: Degradation of Environmental Pollutants by Microorganisms and Their Metalloenzymes

1st Edition

Helmut Sigel, Astrid Sigel
March 25, 1992

Continuing to explore the relationship between the chemistry of metals and life processes, this volume in the Metal Ions in Biological Systems series examines the degradation of environmental pollutants by micro-organisms. It covers the action of micro-organisms and metalloenzymes on lignin,...

Cluster Ions and Van Der Waals Molecules

1st Edition

B.M. Smirnov
March 20, 1992


Concepts & Calculations in Analytical Chemistry, Featuring the Use of Excel

1st Edition

Henry Freiser, Monika Freiser
March 17, 1992

Concepts & Calculations in Analytical Chemistry: A Spreadsheet Approach offers a novel approach to learning the fundamentals of chemical equilibria using the flexibility and power of a spreadsheet program. Through a conceptual presentation of chemical principles, this text will allow the reader to...

The Platelet-Amine Storage Granule

1st Edition

Kenneth M. Meyers, Charles D. Barnes
March 17, 1992

The Platelet Amine Storage Granule presents a comprehensive examination of the dense granule of human platelets and the development of dense granule precursors in megakaryocytes. Fundamental aspects addressed in the book include a description of the amine-nucleotide storage complex, the process of...

The Regulation of Membrane Lipid Metabolism, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Guy A. Thompson, Jr.
March 10, 1992

This book provides a concise description of the metabolic pathways by which lipids of animal and plant membranes are formed. The book emphasizes modulation of these pathways by hormones, diet, environmental stress, and other factors. This new edition is extensively revised, containing new material...

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation: From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine

1st Edition

Felix Bronner, Meinrad Peterlik
February 21, 1992

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation: From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine presents thinking and front-line research addressing calcium and phosphate homeostasis and related clinical problems. Major topics include calcium and phosphate transport in the mammalian body and...

Free Radical Mechanisms of Tissue Injury

1st Edition

Mary Treinen Moslen, Charles V. Smith
February 21, 1992

This timely volume describes the contributions of free radicals and reactive oxygen species to disease processes in a variety of tissues. Topics include the roles of lipid peroxide-modified lipoproteins in atherosclerosis, peroxidation products in retinopathy, reactive oxygen species and...

Chemical Graph Theory

2nd Edition

Nenad Trinajstic
February 21, 1992

New Edition! Completely Revised and UpdatedChemical Graph Theory, 2nd Edition is a completely revised and updated edition of a highly regarded book that has been widely used since its publication in 1983. This unique book offers a basic introduction to the handling of molecular graphs -...


1st Edition

Russell E. Martenson
February 20, 1992

Myelin: Biology and Chemistry provides in-depth reviews and discussions regarding recent findings in the biology and chemistry of myelin. Topics are interdisciplinary and carry readers from the cellular level to that of the gene. Research in demyelinating diseases (naturally occurring and...

Biomolecules in Organic Solvents

1st Edition

Armando Gomez-Puyou
January 27, 1992

Biomolecules and Organic Solvents discusses the behavior of enzymes and multi-enzyme complexes in organic solvents, in addition to the problem of water-protein interactions and the characteristics of water at interphases. It attempts to bridge the gap between the all water and the organic solvents...