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Applied Biocatalysis: Volume 1

Harvey W. Blanch, Douglas S. Clark
June 24, 1991


Lipoproteins as Carriers of Pharmacological Agents

Michael Shaw
June 21, 1991

Explores endogenous lipoprotein particles and their interaction with pharmacological agents. Among the topics are receptor-dependent interactions of lipoproteins with tissues and cell types, their uptake and transport with the vascular endothelium, therapeutic and chemical agents that associate in v...

Chemical Ecotoxicology

Jaakko Paasivirta
June 18, 1991


Handbook of Environmental Fate and Exposure Data: For Organic Chemicals, Volume III Pesticides

Philip H. Howard
June 17, 1991

This 5-volume set allows you to assess the health and environmental effects of chemicals by determining the routes of exposure of the chemical to sensitive organisms. Environmental Fate and Exposure of Organic Chemicals provides relevant facts on how individual chemicals behave in the environment...


Professor Micke J Clemens
June 15, 1991

An explanation of what cytokines are, what they do, how they work at the cellular level, their roles in health and disease, and how they are being used in clinical medicine....

Laboratory Accreditation and Data Certification: A System for Success

Carla H. Dempsey, Jimmie D. Petty
June 03, 1991

This book provides descriptions of current laboratory accreditation schemes and explains why these schemes fall short of assuring data purchasers that the data produced from accredited laboratories are always quality products. The book then presents a system for laboratory accreditation in...

Insulin-like Growth Factors: Molecular and Cellular Aspects

Derek LeRoith
May 28, 1991

During the past decade, the continued interest in insulin-related growth factors has been documented by a plethora of research programs and publications focused on these growth factors. Both molecular and cellular biological techniques have improved and enabled investigators to study the properties...

Chemistry & Physics of Carbon: Volume 23

Peter A. Thrower
May 23, 1991


Dictionary of Steroids

R.A. Hill, H.L.J. Makin, D.N. Kirk, G.M. Murphy
May 23, 1991


Photochemistry and Photophysics, Volume III

Jan F. Rabek
April 23, 1991

Photochemistry and Photophysics is a multi-volume set that presents a critical review of new developments that have occurred in the inorganic, organic, atmospheric, environmental, material, bio-and polymer fields of photochemistry and photophysics over the last decade. Specific topics covered in...