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Chromatographic Separations of Stereoisomers

Rex W. Souter
December 10, 1985

Provides current knowledge about separation and interactions of asymmetric molecules, as well as experimental and commercial ma-terials such as columns, instruments, and derivatization reagents. Extensive applications are tabulated by both chromato-graphic technique and compound class, and...

Gel Permeation and Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Proteins and Peptides

Kato, Simone Parvez, Hasan Parvez
December 01, 1985


Chemi- and Bioluminescence

August 05, 1985


Catalysis of Organic Reactions

Robert L. Augustine
July 12, 1985


Developments in Petroleum Engineering 1

R.A. Dawe, D.C. Wilson
June 27, 1985

One of the fundamental aspects of petroleum exploitation and production is that of petroleum engineering, ie the assessment and recovery of oil from the various types of oil 'reservoirs'.The importance of effective petroleum engineering has increased dramatically due to a number or of varying...

Catalysys and Surface Science

Heinz Heinemann, Gabor A. Somorjai
June 25, 1985


Fungal Protoplasts: Applications in Biochemistry and Genetics

J. Peberdy
February 20, 1985

Until now, information on fungal protoplasts has been scattered throughout various sources. With authoritative reviews of protoplast isolation and applications in fungal biology research, Fungal Protoplasts: Applications in Biochemistry and Genetics is the first volume devoted to a major area in...