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Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Proteins

Shuichi Yamamoto, Kazahiro Nakanishi, Ryuichi Matsuno
April 14, 1988


Environmental Chemistry of Herbicides

Raj Grover
March 31, 1988

This reference book deals with the physico-chemical principles and processes controlling the behavior of herbicides in the soil environ-ment and gives a concise, critical account of techniques associ-ated with each subject matter. It summarizes and tabulates data on herbicides by class or group...

Flow Perturbation Gas Chromatography

A. Katsanos
February 19, 1988


The Art and Science of Lecture Demonstration

C.A Taylor
January 01, 1988

As a means of conveying the excitement of science from one generation to the next, the lecture demonstration is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of the modern science teacher. The interest of the young aspiring scientist is aroused not by dull textbook recitation, but by the...

Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy of Solid Surfaces

December 01, 1987

This volume is devoted to the physics, instrumentation and analytical methods of secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) in relation to solid surfaces. It describes modern models of secondary ion formation and the factors influencing sensitivity of measurements and the range of applications. All...

Electrochemical Detection in Medicine and Chemistry

Hasan Parvez, Nagatsu, Bastart-Malsot, Carpentier, Simone Parvez
December 01, 1987


Dictionary of Organophosphorus Compounds

R. Edmundson
November 19, 1987