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Physical and Elastic Characterization

Malcolm McLean
February 01, 1989


Mechanisms of Protease Action

Laszlo Polgar
January 31, 1989

A uniform treatment of the four protease groups and a discussion of the differences and similarities in their action is presented in this important new publication. Serine, cysteine, aspartate, and zinc proteases are systematically discussed by nomenclature, evolution, specificity and their...

CRC Handbook of Chromatography: Drugs, Volume III

Ram N. Gupta
December 31, 1988

These volumes provide a reference source of different gas chro-matographic, liquid chromatographic, or thin-layer chromatographic techniques for the qualitative determination of various therapeutic agents, including antibiotics, vitamins and hormones, drugs of abuse in body fluids, dosage forms, or...

CRC Handbook of Ion Exchange Resins, Volume VI

Johann Korkisch
December 31, 1988

The six-volume CRC Handbook of Ion Exchange Resins reviews the application of ion exchange resins to inorganic analytical chemistry. Extracted from over 6,000 original publications, it presents the information in over 1,000 tables complemented by concise descriptions of analytical methods involving...

Methods of Air Sampling and Analysis

James P. Lodge, Jr.
December 31, 1988

Includes precise directions for a long list of contaminants! All contaminants you can analyze or monitor with a given method are consolidated together to facilitate use. This book is especially valuable for indoor and outdoor air pollution control, industrial hygiene, occupational health,...

Interfacial Phenomena in Coal Technology

December 22, 1988

A different face of coal than that seen by miners. Focusses on the conversion of coal to a liquid and the clean utilization of coal. Among topics discussed are surface phenomena involved in the beneficiation processes, flotation and spherical agglomeration, the modification of coal-fluid interfaces,...

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Micro-HPLC

Hasan Parvez, Yoshioka, Miyazaki, Simone Parvez
December 01, 1988


X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Solid Surfaces

December 01, 1988

This volume outlines the physical and methodical concepts of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) specifically for surface studies using both inner and valence electron levels. It discusses the theory and practice of XPS qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid state surfaces and provides...

Flow Through Radioactivity Detection in HPLC

Hasan Parvez, Reich, Lucas-Reich, Mikhailov
December 01, 1988


Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Volume I: Remediation Techniques, Environmental Fate, and Risk Assessment

Paul T. Kostecki
November 30, 1988

These three volumes provide valuable information to help bring rational and scientifically feasible solutions to petroleum contaminated soils. State-of-the-art information on both technical and regulatory issues is covered, including environmental fate, health effects, risk assessment and remedial...

Advances in Chromatography: Volume 28

J. Calvin Giddings
November 21, 1988