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Handbook of Dangerous Properties of Inorganic And Organic Substances in Industrial Wastes

Ya. M. Grushko
May 28, 1992

A dangerous byproduct of industrial progress is often an increase of pollutants discharged into the environment. These pollutants are often harmful to plants and animals, including humans. They also damage buildings and architectural and cultural monuments. This handbook describes many of the...

Calcification in Biological Systems

Ermanno Bonucci
May 26, 1992

Calcification in Biological Systems provides a collection of up-to-date papers regarding calcification in a variety of biological systems. The papers are not simple reviews of the literature. Each paper reflects the personal experience of the author(s) and is rich in constructive criticism and...

Ap4a and Other Dinucleoside Polyphosphates

Alexander G. McLennan
May 22, 1992

Ap4A and Other Dinucleoside Polyphosphates is the first compilation of contributions from major investigators involved in studying the chemistry and biology of dinucleoside polyphosphates. The book features reviews and original research (including unpublished and anecdotal material) covering the...

The Evolution of Metabolic Function

Robert P. Mortlock
May 20, 1992

The Evolution of Metabolic Function presents comprehensive discussions on a variety of topics that will interest scientists and students studying the evolution of enzyme activities, the evolution of enzymatic pathways, and the evolution and development of metabolic functions. Laboratory experiments...

Transferrin: The Iron Carrier

Simon Welch
May 12, 1992

Transferrin, a glycoprotein synthesized by all vertebrates, acts as the vehicle for transporting iron and possibly other transition elements between different sites in the body. Transferrin has other biological roles, including a mitiotic signal and an antibacterial agent. The structure, function,...

A Working Party Report: Corrosion Education Manual (EFC 6)

European Federation of Corrosion
May 01, 1992


EPA'S Pesticide Fact Sheet Database

Lawrence H. Keith, Mary Walker
April 30, 1992

EPA's Pesticide Fact Sheet Database presents a comprehensive source of information on several hundred pesticides and pesticide formulations. Pesticides are quickly and easily located using keywords that describe criteria under which the pesticides can be found. On-line help screens facilitate your...

Petroleum Processing Handbook

John J. McKetta Jr
April 30, 1992

A reference that details the pertinent chemical reactions and emphasizes the plant design and operations of petroleum processing procedures. The handbook is divided into four sections: products, refining, manufacturing processes, and treating processes. Wherever possible, shortcut methods of calcula...

Glycoconjugates: Composition: Structure, and Function

Howard J. Allen, Edward C. Kisailus
April 15, 1992


Analytical Chemistry Refresher Manual

John Kenkel
April 14, 1992

Analytical Chemistry Refresher Manual provides a comprehensive refresher in techniques and methodology of modern analytical chemistry. Topics include sampling and sample preparation, solution preparation, and discussions of wet and instrumental methods of analysis; spectrometric techniques of UV,...

Noble Metals and Biological Systems: Their Role in Medicine, Mineral Exploration, and the Environment

Robert R. Brooks
April 06, 1992

Noble Metals and Biological Systems examines the relationship between noble metals (gold, silver, and platinum group metals) and biological systems. The book is divided into three parts.Part 1 is concerned with the analytical chemistry of noble metals and includes a description of the latest...