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Allosteric Enzymes

Guy Herve
June 30, 1989

This book compiles detailed information concerning a dozen of the best known allosteric enzymes, and so allows the comparison of their regulatory mechanisms and the confrontation of these mechanisms with the theoretical models. Stimulating and unexpected ideas emerge from these comparisons and...

Elastin and Elastases, Volume II

Ladislas Robert, William Hornebeck
June 30, 1989

Written by internationally known European and American scientists, these volumes systematically present many topics in the elastin and elastases fields. Volume I explains elastin, its biosynthesis, physicochemical properties, and alteration in a variety of pathologies and with aging. Volume II...

Occurence & Distribution of Selenium

Milan Ihnat
June 30, 1989

A comprehensive and critical assessment of selenium levels in both natural and man-made materials and systems is presented in this publication. The book begins with a treatment of the chemistry and analytical chemistry of the element and an important discussion of the status and reliability of...

Advances in Chromatography: Volume 30

J. Calvin Giddings
June 28, 1989


Advances in Chromatography: Volume 29

J. Calvin Giddings
June 12, 1989


Chemistry & Physics of Carbon: Volume 22

Peter A. Thrower
June 01, 1989


Elemental Analysis of Biological Systems: Biological, Medical, Environmental, Compositional, and Methodological Aspects, Volume I

G. Venkatesh Iyengar
May 31, 1989

The purpose of this volume is to emphasize the fact that biological trace element research is a multidisciplinary science which requires a prudent combination of biological insight and analytical awareness. The text frequently stresses that accurate measurements on biologically and analytically...

CRC Handbook of Chromatography: Amino Acids and Amines, Volume II

S. Blackburn
May 31, 1989

An in-depth analysis of chromatography literature and procedures since 1981 is presented in this publication. Featured is a compre-hensive range of tables relating to the chromatographic separation and determination of amino acids, amines, and their derivatives. Methods of sample preparation and...

Flow Injection Atomic Spectroscopy

May 04, 1989

A fundamental overview of the subject which assesses the potential advantages of this technique for analyzing clinical, agricultural, environmental, geological, and industrial specimens. Covers current developments in the instrumentation, components, and designs of these systems; furnishes an excell...

Handbook of Environmental Fate and Exposure Data for Organic Chemicals, Volume I

Philip H. Howard
April 30, 1989

This 5-volume set allows you to assess the health and environmental effects of chemicals by determining the routes of exposure of the chemical to sensitive organisms. Environmental Fate and Exposure of Organic Chemicals provides relevant facts on how individual chemicals behave in the environment...

Marine Biogenic Lipids, Fats & Oils, Volume I

Robert George Ackman
April 30, 1989