Chemical Fate & Transport

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Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology: The Science of Pollution, Fourth Edition

4th Edition

Michael C. Newman, Michael C. Newman
December 16, 2014

An integrated analysis exploring current and relevant concepts, Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology: The Science of Pollution, Fourth Edition extends the dialogue further from the previous editions and beyond conventional ecosystems. It explores landscape, regional, and biospheric topics, communicating...

Nanocomposites in Wastewater Treatment

1st Edition

Ajay Kumar Mishra
December 04, 2014

Nanocomposites have better adsorption capacity, selectivity, and stability than nanoparticles. Therefore, they find diversified applications in many areas. Recently, various methods for heavy metal detection from water have been extensively studied. The adsorption of various pollutants such as...

Environmental Transport Phenomena

1st Edition

A. Eduardo Sáez, James C. Baygents
December 01, 2014

Environmental Transport Phenomena offers a detailed yet accessible introduction to transport phenomena. It begins by explaining the underlying principles and mechanisms that govern mass transport and continues by tackling practical problems spanning all subdisciplines of environmental science and...

Environmental Forensics Fundamentals: A Practical Guide

1st Edition

Ioana Gloria Petrisor
July 14, 2014

A Practical Guide to Environmental Crime Scene Investigations Releasing contaminants into the environment—whether deliberate or unintentional—can be thought of as a crime against the environment. The role of environmental forensics is to identify and prevent environmental pollution, or crimes....

Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact

1st Edition

Walter E. Goldstein
June 12, 2014

A Proactive Approach to Improving and Protecting the Environment The accumulation of pharmaceuticals in the environment is a growing concern, the magnitude of which has not been determined, yet cannot be ignored. Touting the benefits of research and discovery as it relates to a pharmaceutical...

Soil Physics: An Introduction

1st Edition

Manoj K. Shukla
November 26, 2013

Designed for undergraduate and graduate students, this book covers important soil physical properties, critical physical processes involving energy and mass transport, movement and retention of water and solutes through soil profile, soil temperature regimes and aeration, and plant-water relations....

The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup

3rd Edition

Merv Fingas
December 05, 2012

Reflecting the rapid progress in cleanup technology since the previous edition, this revised and expanded third edition of The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup covers current cleanup techniques, how oil spills are measured and detected, and the properties of the oil and its long-term fate in the...

Phytotechnologies: Remediation of Environmental Contaminants

1st Edition

Naser A. Anjum, Maria E. Pereira, Iqbal Ahmad, Armando C. Duarte, Shahid Umar, Nafees A. Khan
October 23, 2012

Phytotechnologies: Remediation of Environmental Contaminants highlights the use of natural and inherent traits of plants and associated microbes to exclude, accumulate, or metabolize a variety of contaminants, with the goal of efficiently and sustainably decontaminating the biosphere from unwanted...

Organic Chemicals in the Environment: Mechanisms of Degradation and Transformation, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Alasdair H. Neilson, Ann-Sofie Allard
September 05, 2012

Addressing the persistent environmental threat of organic chemicals with a fresh approach to degradation and transformation processes, Organic Chemicals in the Environment: Mechanisms of Degradation and Transformation, Second Edition  examines a wide range of compounds as well as abiotic and...

Honey Bee Colony Health: Challenges and Sustainable Solutions

1st Edition

Diana Sammataro, Jay A. Yoder
November 17, 2011

Modern commercial beekeeping has changed from primarily honey production to crop pollination. With this change has come extraordinary stress—colonies are moved multiple times a year, increasing their exposure to diseases, parasites, and hive pests. Antibiotics and acaricides are being applied more...

Global Contamination Trends of Persistent Organic Chemicals

1st Edition

Bommanna G. Loganathan, Paul Kwan-Sing Lam
August 09, 2011

Environmental pollution by man-made persistent organic chemicals (POCs) has been a serious global issue for over half a century. POCs are prevalent in air, water, soil, and organisms including wildlife and humans throughout the world. They do not degrade and cause long-term effect in organisms....

Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment

1st Edition

Louis J. Thibodeaux, Donald Mackay
October 21, 2010

A comprehensive account of the state of the science of environmental mass transport Edited by Louis J. Thibodeaux and Donald Mackay, renowned experts in this field, the Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment covers those processes which are critically important for assessing...