Analytical Chemistry

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Methods of Analysis for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Third Edition

3rd Edition

W. Jeffrey Hurst
January 15, 2019

The third edition of this book has seven new chapters. Six of these expand the coverage of polyphenolic compounds, both major and minor, with the seventh addressing the analysis of probiotics, the first book to do so. The book also includes specialty information such as the use of residues from...

Revival: CRC Handbook of Nucleobase Complexes (1990)

1st Edition

James R. Lusty
December 31, 2018

The purpose of this easy-to-use handbook is to provide a quick, accessible reference to nucleobase complexes. It describes these complexes with reference to methods of preparation, their characterization, and their toxicity and therapeutic indices. It lists the modes of coordination together with...

Revival: Handbook of Nucleobase Complexes (1991)

1st Edition

James R. Lusty, P. Wearden, V. Moreno
December 31, 2018

This handbook describes methods of preparation, characterization, toxicity, and therapeutic indices of transition metal complexes of the naturally occurring heterocyclic nucleobases and their derivatives. Modes of coordination are listed together with the relevant spectral data and major methods of...

Revival: Handbook of Phosphorus-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data (1990)

1st Edition

John C. Tebby
December 31, 2018

To fully utilize Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, a comprehensive and well-organized compilation of NMR data is necessary. While compilations have been available for other important NMR nuclei, such as carbon and fluorine, no comprehensive collection of data has been prepared for...

Revival: Supercritical Fluid Technology (1991): Reviews in Modern Theory and Applications

1st Edition

Thomas J. Bruno, James F. Ely
December 31, 2018

In this volume, we have collected a series of reviews that cover both experimental and theoretical work geared toward the more exact requirements of current SFE applications. While we have artificially divided the volume into experimental and theoretical sections, natural overlaps will be apparent....

Revival: Environmental Particles (1993): Volume 2

1st Edition

Jacques Buffle, Herman P. van Leeuwen
December 31, 2018

Environmental Particles, Volume 2 presents a critical review of the sampling, characterization, and behavior of particles in air, surface and ground water, sediments, and solids. The book analyzes the formation, aggregation, transport, and conversion of particles, and it evaluates the capabilities...

Natural Products and Cardiovascular Health

1st Edition

Catherina Caballero George
December 13, 2018

This unique volume provides the latest information on secondary metabolites obtained from selected organisms (plants or microorganisms) that have beneficial effects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and an ability to offer protection against their progress. A detailed description of their...

Chemical Equilibria: Exact Equations and Spreadsheet Programs to Solve Them

1st Edition

Harry L. Pardue
December 13, 2018

Concepts, procedures and programs described in this book make it possible for readers to solve both simple and complex equilibria problems quickly and easily and to visualize results in both numerical and graphical forms. They allow the user to calculate concentrations of reactants and products for...

Nanofluidics: An Introduction

1st Edition

Zhigang Li
December 07, 2018

This book provides an introduction to nanofluidics in a simple manner and can be easily followed by senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and other researchers who have some background in fluid mechanics. The book covers the main topics about the fundamentals of nanofluidics and how it...

Innovative Materials and Methods for Water Treatment: Solutions for Arsenic and Chromium Removal

1st Edition

Marek Bryjak, Nalan Kabay, Bernabe L. Rivas, Jochen Bundschuh
December 05, 2018

Due to increasing demand for potable and irrigation water, water suppliers have to use alternative resources. They either have to regenerate wastewater or deal with contaminated surface water. This book brings together the experiences of various experts in preparing of innovative materials that are...

Statistical and Multivariate Analysis in Material Science

1st Edition

Giorgio Luciano
November 15, 2018

This book introduces univariate and multivariate statistics applied to material science using an easy-to-follow, non-mathematical approach. Case studies and tutorials are provided to assist readers with the application of the techniques described utilizing their own data. The book will be a...

Determination of Target Xenobiotics and Unknown Compound Residues in Food, Environmental, and Biological Samples

1st Edition

Tomasz Tuzimski, Joseph Sherma
October 24, 2018

Xenobiotics are chemical compounds foreign to a given biological system. In animals and humans, xenobiotics include drugs, drug metabolites, and environmental pollutants. In the environment, xenobiotics include synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and industrial pollutants. Many techniques are used in...