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A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System

1st Edition

Andrew P. Dillon, Shigeo Shingo
April 01, 1985

Written by the industrial engineer who developed SMED (single-minute exchange of die) for Toyota, A Revolution in Manufacturing provides a full overview of this powerful just in time production tool. It offers the most complete and detailed instructions available anywhere for transforming a...

Computer-Aided Facilities Planning

1st Edition

November 01, 1984

This book, a survey of current practices in both planning and computer aids, is largely confined to space projections, block and detailed layout planning, material flow analysis, plan and elevation drawings—the core activities of most facilities planners....

Design Assurance for Engineers and Managers

1st Edition

October 30, 1984

This book describes the concepts and methods of a discipline called design assurance, and reveals many nontechnical aspects that are necessary for getting the work done in an engineering department. It is helpful to engineers and their managers in understanding and using design assurance techniques....

Effective Online Searching: A Basic Text

1st Edition

July 11, 1984

This book focuses on searching and hands-on experience, which makes the text suitable for those who wish to learn searching for their own use as well. It is intended for those who will act as search intermediaries, accepting questions from clients and performing the searches....

Organization Theory and Management

1st Edition

September 20, 1983

This book reviews the evolution of organization theory literature and explains other theories of organization and the implicit wisdom of the instructor's favorite theory. It helps the reader to understand the relevance of organization theory to the problems of administering public organizations....

Intergovernmental Relations in the 1980's

1st Edition

R. H. Leach
January 28, 1983


Changing Bureaucracies

1st Edition

August 26, 1982


The States and the Metropolis

1st Edition

P. Florestano
June 01, 1981


Scientific and Technical Information Resources

1st Edition

March 01, 1981

This book focuses on current practices in scientific and technical communication, historical aspects, and characteristics and biblio­graphic control of various forms of scientific and technical literature. It integrates the inventory approach for scientific and technical communication....

Personal Styles & Effective Performance

1st Edition

David W. Merrill, Roger H Reid
January 15, 1981

Tens of thousands of professionals have attended David W. Merrill's acclaimed "Style Awareness Workshops" The goal: improvement of interpersonal effectiveness skills-inspiring better communication, improved productivity, and a more harmonious working environment.Students preparing for business,...

Furnishing the Library Interior

1st Edition

January 01, 1980

This book discusses the selection, evaluation, and purchase of furniture and equipment for libraries. It examines the arrangement of the interior to update and illuminate earlier writings, and helps those spending even small amounts for library furniture and equipment to do so more wisely....