Business & Management

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Changing Bureaucracies

1st Edition

August 26, 1982


The States and the Metropolis

1st Edition

P. Florestano
June 01, 1981


Scientific and Technical Information Resources

1st Edition

March 01, 1981

This book focuses on current practices in scientific and technical communication, historical aspects, and characteristics and biblio­graphic control of various forms of scientific and technical literature. It integrates the inventory approach for scientific and technical communication....

Personal Styles & Effective Performance

1st Edition

David W. Merrill, Roger H Reid
January 15, 1981

Tens of thousands of professionals have attended David W. Merrill's acclaimed "Style Awareness Workshops" The goal: improvement of interpersonal effectiveness skills-inspiring better communication, improved productivity, and a more harmonious working environment.Students preparing for business,...

Furnishing the Library Interior

1st Edition

January 01, 1980

This book discusses the selection, evaluation, and purchase of furniture and equipment for libraries. It examines the arrangement of the interior to update and illuminate earlier writings, and helps those spending even small amounts for library furniture and equipment to do so more wisely....