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TPM for Workshop Leaders

1st Edition

Shirose Kunio
January 01, 1992

Workshop leaders play a central role in your company's efforts to implement TPM. Once your workers have been divided into small groups to learn the fundamentals of TPM, it is the group leader who spearheads ongoing training and implementation activities. With quick-reading, people-oriented...

Environmental Regulations Handbook

1st Edition

Jacob I. Bregman, Kenneth M. Mackenthun
November 26, 1991

Environmental Regulations provides a comprehensive introduction to the environmental laws and regulations with which industry must comply to stay in business. It presents the laws passed by Congress to control pollution, the regulations developed by government agencies to comply with the...

Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing: A Model for American Companies

1st Edition

Brian H. Maskell
July 01, 1991

If your company is adopting world class manufacturing techniques, you'll need new methods of performance measurement to control production variables. In practical terms, this book describes the new methods of performance measurement and how they are used in a changing environment. For manufacturing...

The Work Environment: Occupational Health Fundamentals, Volume I

1st Edition

Doan J. Hansen
May 09, 1991

This exciting new volume, the first of a multiple volume set, is a thorough introduction to workplace health and safety issues. Its uncomplicated presentation of material makes it a clear presentation for attorneys, teachers, architects, managers, supervisors, union members and others who regularly...

Ethics in Quality

1st Edition

April 29, 1991


How to be a Manager: A Practical Guide to Tips and Techniques

1st Edition

Robert W. Gallant
April 15, 1991

How to be a Manager: A Practical Guide to Tips and Techniques is a useful book designed to show you how to develop your managerial understanding and skills at whatever job level you presently hold. Written by an experienced top-level manager, this fast-paced guide teaches you how to excel at your...

The Visual Factory: Building Participation Through Shared Information

1st Edition

Michel Greif
February 01, 1991

If you're aware of the tremendous improvements achieved in productivity and quality as a result of employee involvement, then you'll appreciate the great value of creating a visual factory. This book explains why conventional work areas, where fragmented information flows from "top to bottom," must...

El Sistema de Produccion Toyota: Mas alla de la produccion a gran escala

1st Edition

Taiichi Ohno
January 01, 1991

Si usted quiere entender como se origino el sistema de producci?n Toyota y por que tiene exito, debe leer este libro. Aqui encontrara una introducci?n avanzada del justo a tiempo. El mundo le debe mucho a Taiichi Ohno. Nos ha demostrado como fbricar con mayor eficacia, como reducir costos, como...

Poka-yoke (Spanish): Mejorando la Calidad del Producto Evitando los Defectos

1st Edition

H. Hirano
January 01, 1991

Muchas cosas pueden ir mal en un entorno de trabajo. Cada dia hay oportunidades para cometer errores que resultaran en defectos. Los defectos son despilfarro y, si no se descubren, frustran las espectativas del cliente sobre la calidad. Detras del poka-yoke esta la conviccion de que no es aceptable...

Socialisation of School Children and Their Education for Democratic Values and Human Rights

1st Edition

H. Starkey
January 01, 1991

Report of the Colloquy of Directors of Educational Research Institutions, held in Ericeira, Portugal, October 1989. Part 1 includes two reports and six commissioned papers covering France, Federal Republic of Germany, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Part 2 includes national and individual reports...