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The International Course Organiser's Handbook

R.E.V.M. Schroder
January 01, 1993


Learning Potential Assessment

J.H.M. Hamers, A.J.J.M. Ruijssenaars, K. Sijtsma
December 31, 1992

Learning potential assessment, which has lately been receiving a great deal of attention, consists of test procedures for measuring children's learning potential procedures that be regarded as an extension of current intelligence testing. The 17 chapters included in this volume are based on papers p...

Guidelines for Laboratory Quality Auditing

November 23, 1992

This single-source reference provides practical guidance for the quality auditing of a chemical or biological testing laboratory-helping to develop or improve quality control and quality assurance programs in order to meet certification standards or pass external-source audits....

Acronyms and Abbreviations of Computer Technology and Telecommunications

October 30, 1992

Catalogues approximately 7000 acronyms and abbreviations used in computer technology, telecommunications and related fields. The entries are organized in tabular form to enable readers to locate any specific acronym easily....

Total Engineering Quality Management

September 28, 1992

This manual discusses how the Total Quality Management (TQM) of the production and manufacturing environment can be modified, implemented, and measured within the engineering project environment. It aims to integrate predominant quality philosophy with organization research....

Estimating and Costing for the Metal Manufacturing Industries

Robert Creese, M. Adithan
August 25, 1992

This practical reference/text provides a thorough overview of cost estimating as applied to various manufacturing industries, with special emphasis on metal manufacturing concerns. It presents examples and study problems illustrating potential applications and the techniques involved in estimating...

Fitness For Work: The Role Of Physical Demands Analysis And Physical Capacity Assessment

T. M. Fraser
August 10, 1992

Offers an occupational ergonomic analysis of medical selection procedures for disabled and able-bodied labour-market entrants. The book re-examines the concept of fitness for work and emphasizes humanitarian and legislative factors....

Eliminating Minor Stoppages on Automated Lines

Kikuo Suehiro
April 01, 1992

Stoppages of automated equipment lines adversely affect productivity, cost, and lead time. Such losses make decreasing the number of stoppages a crucial element of TPM. Kikuo Suehiro has helped companies such as Hitachi achieve unprecedented reduction in the number of minor stoppages. In this...

Computerized Management of Multiple Small Projects: Planning, Task and Resource Scheduling, Estimating, Design Optimization, and Project Control

Richard E. Westney
March 17, 1992

"This well-organized reference presents complete and explicit instructions on exactly what to do to manage multiple small projects -- using limited resources -- in any industry. The hands-on methods -- derived from proven successes in every type of business -- specifically address the needs of the...

Access Services:: The Convergence of Reference and Technical Services

Gillian M. McCombs
March 10, 1992

This book takes a close look at the recent changing emphasis from collections to access, and from document description to document delivery. As the automation of library processes has moved from technical services to reference services, the roles of the professionals working in those capacities...

Everyone's Problem Solving Handbook: Step-by-Step Solutions for Quality Improvement

Michael R. Kelly
January 31, 1992

The author covers fourteen tools to help you find the information you need and offers step-by-step instructions for constructing each one. He shows you how these tools can be combined with a set of simple problem-solving steps that can act as a powerful change agent to help reduce or eliminate...