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Techniques for Capital Expenditure Analysis

1st Edition

June 28, 1995

This work examines the most important techniques for analyzing the profitability of capital investments. It discusses time value mechanics and financial concepts, including discounted cash flow, return on investment, incremental analysis, cash flow tables, income taxes, depreciation, cost of...

Integrating Productivity and Quality Management

2nd Edition

Johnson Edosomwan
June 16, 1995

This second edition details all productivity and quality methodologies, principles and techniques, and demonstrates how they interact in the three phases of the productivity and quality management triangle (PQMT): measurement, control and evaluation; planning and analysis; and improvement and...

Creating Productive Organizations: Manual and Facilitator's Guide

1st Edition

June 01, 1995

Creating Productive Organizations is an interactive manual that challenges and encourages readers to assess and develop a clear vision of their areas of competence and interest in order to enhance productivity. This facilitator's guide offers solutions and addresses the challenges associated with...

SUSTAINING High Performance: The Strategic Transformation to A Customer-Focused Learning Organization

1st Edition

Stephen Haines
May 30, 1995

In an attempt to achieve high levels of growth, profit, and competitive advantage, American businesses have been implementing a variety of management initiatives, such as TQM, reengineering, service management, self-directed work teams, and empowerment. Too often, these initiatives, when...

The Quality Improvement Handbook: Team Guide to Tools and Techniques

1st Edition

Roger Swanson
May 01, 1995

This valuable new book provides quality improvement teams, and their leaders, with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to solve problems and improve processes in their organizations. The book offers experienced teams instruction on more advanced, less frequently used tools as well as...

Quality in Education: An Implementation Handbook

1st Edition

Jerry Arcaro
May 01, 1995

Although hundreds of school improvement programs have been launched in the United States over the past quarter century, very few of them have been successful. The author of Quality in Education: An Implementation Handbook, an experienced quality expert who specializes in education, believes that...

Total Quality in Managing Human Resources

1st Edition

Diana Furr, Joe Petrick
May 01, 1995

Human resource management is a particularly challenging role, both domestically and globally. This challenge can be viewed either as an opportunity or as a threat. As an opportunity, the principles and practices of total quality presented in this book can help human resource professionals or anyone...

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

1st Edition

Reginald Campbell, R. Everett Langford
April 27, 1995

Substance Abuse in the Workplace makes a valuable contribution to the national movement to help stem the tide of drug abuse. The book begins with the history of substance abuse, continues with a discussion of how the human body functions normally or under the influence of chemicals, and follows...

Creating Quality in the Classroom

1st Edition

Jerry Arcaro
April 01, 1995

Based on the experiences of a practicing teacher, Creating Quality in the Classroom focuses on the paradigm shift required by teachers and students to build upon the good things that already happen in the classroom. Successful lesson plans and methods using the tools and techniques as outlined in...

Teams in Education: Creating an Integrated Approach

1st Edition

Jerry Arcaro
April 01, 1995

Easy to use and understand, Teams in Educa-tion: Creating An Integrated Approach is a tool for education professionals who need or want to develop cross-functional or departmental teams in education. This new handbook was specifically designed to provide education professionals with a practical,...

Information Brokers: Case Studies of Successful Ventures

1st Edition

Alice J H Johnson
March 20, 1995

The perfect guide to jumpstart an information brokerage firm!Here is an instructive guide for any librarian planning to start an information brokerage, whether as an entrepreneur or as a member of a document delivery group in a library. The methods used by successful firms and librarians are...

Attribution Theory: An Organizational Perspective

1st Edition

Mark Martinko
February 28, 1995

With Special Contributions from Bernard Weiner Ph.D. (UCLA) and Robert Lord Ph.D. (Univ. of Akron)Attribution theory is concerned with peoples causal explanation for outcomes: successes and failures. The basic premise is that beliefs about outcomes are a primary determinant of expectations and,...