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Skills of Encouragement: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others

1st Edition

Don Dinkmeyer, Lewis Losoncy
November 15, 1995

Most of us believe that every event has a cause and effect. We often feel there is someone or something we can put the blame onto besides ourselves. We may blame everyone from our parents to our bosses. Discouragement and unhappiness are ways of life for many of us.Now there is a book that...

Product Warranty Handbook

1st Edition

Wallace Blischke
November 03, 1995

Covering product warranties, this work offers comprehensive examinations of fundamental concepts and furnishes detailed, immediately applicable results. It sets out to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and integrates the research of various disciplines that study warranty, illustrating...

20 Keys to Workplace Improvement

1st Edition

Iwao Kobayashi
November 01, 1995

20 Keys has helped many manufacturing companies integrate the top manufacturing improvement methods into a coordinated system for drastic and continual improvement in involvement, quality, and productivity. This program provides the strategies necessary to achieve ambitious goals through a...

New Automation Technology for Acquisitions and Collection Development

1st Edition

Rosann Bazirjian
October 16, 1995

New Automation Technology for Acquisitions and Collection Development describes how automation is changing the face of acquisitions as librarians know it and making the future uncertain yet exciting. It documents how libraries have increasingly moved to powerful, second-generation interfaceable or...

Enhancing Industrial Performance: Experiences With Integrating The Human Factor

1st Edition

Harman Kragt
October 05, 1995

This work focuses on the implementation of socio-technical innovation in manufacturing companies, offering practical examples in the management of the human-computer interface. Each example includes a cost-benefit analysis. The book adopts an...

Applying TQM to Product Design and Development

1st Edition

Marvin Moss
September 15, 1995

"Comprehensively covers all phases of the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) to product design and development--from initial concept to customer support--addressing statistical quality control, manufacturing engineering, processes and procedures management, and motivation management....

Basic Cost Engineering

3rd Edition

Kenneth K. Humphreys
September 05, 1995

This work focuses on the application of fundamental cost engineering principles to the capital and operating costs estimation of major projects. It provides detailed coverage of profitability, risk, and sensitivity analysis. This third edition: discusses novel strategies for calculating preliminary...

Mastering the Diversity Challenge: Easy On-the-Job Applications for Measurable Results

1st Edition

Fern Lebo
September 01, 1995

This easy-to-use guidebook goes beyond the basic requirements for mastering the diversity challenge. It not only provides practical, step-by-step guidelines and answers, but gives important reasons as to why managing diversity is good for overall business. Designed for quick and easy access to...

Creating Productive Organizations: Developing Your Work Force

1st Edition

Elizabeth Smith
September 01, 1995

A highly motivated, competent work force is vital to an organization's success. Creating Productive Organizations is an interactive manual that challenges and encourages readers to assess and develop a clear vision of their areas of competence and interest in order to enhance productivity.Basic,...

TPM Team Guide

1st Edition

Shirose Kunio
September 01, 1995

TPM involves employees companywide in preventing equipment abnormalities and breakdowns. The first line of defense: equipment operators-the people most familiar with daily operating conditions. In addition to regular cleaning and inspection, team-based improvement activities make effective use of...

The Basics of Benchmarking

1st Edition

Robert Damelio
August 29, 1995

The first part of The Basics of Benchmarking provides a guide to the language of benchmarking and answers some commonly asked questions. The second part of the book walks through the three phases of the benchmarking process -- Analysis, Discovery, and Implementation -- and provides charts and...

Networks and Resource Sharing in the 21st Century: Re-Engineering the Information Landscape

1st Edition

Mary Huston-Somerville, Catherine Wilt
August 08, 1995

Visionary thinkers reflect on key aspects of the contemporary information landscape in Networks and Resource Sharing in the 21st Century. In this thought-provoking volume, contributing authors provide multiple lenses from different industry viewpoints to help readers understand current...