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John P. Tanner
December 18, 1990

Revised and updated introduction, useful as a reference source for engineers and managers or as a text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in technical colleges and universities. Includes end-of-chapter questions (an answer book is provided for teachers). Annotation copyright Book New...

The Quality Promise

November 28, 1990

Showing how each person can influence the quality of working relationships as well as the quality of the product or service provided, this volume examines the three key interfaces which everyone has on the job a craftsperson performing a process or service, an entrepreneur interacting with customers...

Quality Function Deployment: The Practitioner's Approach

September 28, 1990

Quality Function Deployment is an information system producing structured data for quality managers and practitioners. This is a practical guide to implementing such a system for readers assumed to be familiar with it. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or....

Computer-Organized Cost Engineering

July 27, 1990

Providing a sequence of steps for matching cost engineering needs with helpful computer tools, this reference addresses the issues of project complexity and uncertainty; cost estimation, scheduling, and cost control; cost and result uncertainty; engineering and general purpose software; utilities th...

The Environmental Handbook for Property Transfer and Financing

Mr. Michael Prescott, Douglas Brossman
July 15, 1990

The Environmental Handbook for Property Transfer and Financing provides an analysis of existing environmental legislation and trends that demonstrate the importance of the environmental site assessment in today's transactional market. Intended as a primer on the subject of environmental site...

Project Management Basics: A Step by Step Approach

Robert L. Kimmons
June 28, 1990

Project Management Project Management Technology Planning the Project The Project Schedule The Project Budget Project Control Status Reporting Engineering Materials Management Construction Management Subcontract Administration Commissioning the Facility Project Completion The Project Manager's Role...

Integrated Packaging Systems for Transportation and Distribution

June 12, 1990

Identifies the cost sensitive areas for each activity in the logistical system. Illustrates how packaging in addition to protecting and preserving contents can affect total system cost efficiency if designed to adapt well to unitized shipping methods and equipment: efficiently utilize warehouse stor...

Lightning Electromagnetics

Robert Gardner
May 01, 1990

A survey of theoretical and experimental research, this book covers all areas of lightning phenomenology. The four sections cover models of fundamental lightning processes, propagation of lightning-induced signals, measurement of lightning parameters, and lightning interaction with systems. The...

Modern Approaches to Manufacturing Improvement: The Shingo System

Alan Robinson
April 01, 1990

Here's the quickest and most inexpensive way to learn about the pioneering work of Shigeo Shingo, co-creator (with Taiichi Ohno) of just-in-time. It's an introductory book containing excerpts of five of his classic books as well as an excellent introduction by Professor Robinson....

Hearing Conservation Programs: Practical Guidelines for Success

Julia Royster, Larry H. Royster
March 26, 1990

Save your workers' hearing and save your company money by making your hearing conservation programs (HCPs) more effective. This unique, easy-to-read book provides the essentials for creating an effective hearing conservation program, details how to best organize your people to get the job done,...

Subject Control in Online Catalogs

Robert P Holley
January 23, 1990

Is the quality of subject access significantly better with the online catalog than with the card catalogs? For many years, librarians have been discontent with the quality of subject access in card catalogs, and they hoped that the online catalog would offer significant improvements. This new book...