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Competitive Global Management - Principles and Strategies

Abbass Alkhafaji
November 01, 1994

Each chapter in Competitive Global Management: Principles and Strategies lists important objectives to be learned. The latest management research explains strategies of multinational corporations. A real-life case study helps the reader comprehend the importance of the issues discussed. The book...

Total Quality Management for Custodial Operations: A Guide to Understanding and Applying the Key Elements of Total Quality Management

November 01, 1994

This book examines Total Quality Management for the building cleaning maintenance industry. It demonstrates how to motivate employees to improve the quality of your service. Total Quality Management for Custodial Operations focuses on the customer and applies a methodology used successfully by...

The 90-Day ISO 9000 Manual

Peter Mauch, James Stewart, Frank Straka
September 01, 1994

Designed and written by professionals with extensive ISO 9000 Certification experience, the techniques and forms in this Manual have been used successfully to achieve certification at over 50 companies. The 90-Day ISO 9000 Manual provides the basic system you need in place to satisfy an ISO 9000...

Librarians on the Internet: Impact on Reference Services

Robin Kinder
August 17, 1994

Here is one of the first books to focus on the Internet?s impact on library services. Libraries have evolved over many years and contain traditions of organization. The Internet---disorganized, fluid, mutative--challenges the logic of the librarian. How responsive are librarians to the Internet?...

Team Building: A Structured Learning Approach

Peter Mears, Frank Voehl
August 01, 1994

Team Building: A Structured Learning Approach provides a thorough understanding of team building concepts; what it means to be a member of a team, empowerment, and how teams contribute to continuous quality improvement.Your students will apply these concepts in various exercises throughout the book...

Focused Quality: Managing for Results

Paul Murphy
August 01, 1994

Focused Quality: Managing for Results is a book about using quality improvement as a means to enhance bottom line results. Written for managers in industry, services, healthcare and government, this important new book provides a focused approach on how to target critical improvement initiatives and...

Marketing Beef in Japan

William A Kerr, Kurt K Klein, Andrew D O'Rourke, Jill E. Hobbs
July 21, 1994

The authors investigate the market for beef in Japan. Using simply explained economic concepts, they analyze each of the main determinants of the demand for beef in Japan to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of this enigmatic market. Each chapter analyzes a specific aspect of the...

TPM in Process Industries

Tokutaro Suzuki
May 01, 1994

Process industries have a particularly urgent need for collaborative equipment management systems, but until now have lacked for programs directed toward their specific needs. TPM in Process lndustries brings together top consultants from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance to modify the...

Contemporary Ergonomics

S. Robertson
April 15, 1994

This is a volume in the international "Contemporary Ergonomics" series, which forms a record of the proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Ergonomics Society, held at Warwick in 1994.; The refereed contributions cover the full spectrum of current experience and practice in ergonomics, and its...

Total Quality in Radiology: A Guide to Implementation

Henry George Adams, Sudhir Arora
April 04, 1994

Total Quality is a practical, proven approach to management that is successfully being applied throughout American industry-and more recently in health care organizations.Total Quality in Radiology: A Guide to Implementation is designed to be used by the neophyte or experienced quality improvement...