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Usability Evaluation In Industry

1st Edition

Patrick W. Jordan, B. Thomas, Ian Lyall McClelland, Bernard Weerdmeester
June 11, 1996

This book provides a variety of answers in its description and discussion of new, sometimes radical approaches to `usability evaluation', now an increasingly common business tool. It contains new thinking of the subject of usability evaluation in industry. Contributions come from those involved in...

Lean Management Wall Charts

1st Edition

Thomas L. Jackson
June 01, 1996


Quick Changeover for Operators: The SMED System

1st Edition

Shigeo Shingo
June 01, 1996

The powerful knowledge contained in this book can make your workplace more productive, your job simpler, and everything more satisfying. It's about how to do equipment or product changeovers in record time--often in less than 10 minutes. The method you'll learn here is called SMED, short for "...

Quick Changeover for Operators Learning Package

1st Edition

Press Productivity
June 01, 1996

Each Quick Changeover for Operators Learning Package includes the following components:A Leader's Guide5 copies of Quick Changeover for Operators:The SMED SystemA CD filled with additional presentation materialsA copy of A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System, by Shigeo ShingoThe Quick...

Total Purchasing: A Model for Locality Commissioning

1st Edition

Rod Smith, Fran Butler, Mike Powell
May 10, 1996

This text is based on the practical experience of pilot schemes which have identified a variety of opportunities and innovative ideas which others can adopt and develop. This book is a reference for principals and managers of fundholding practices, those thinking about becoming fundholders, and for...

Managing Violence in the Workplace

1st Edition

Thomas K. Capozzoli, R. Steve McVey
May 03, 1996

Managing Violence in the Workplace is a prescription that contains many lists of "do's" and "don'ts" and "how to's" for proactive and reactive responses to workplace violence. The authors have analyzed numerous incidents in the workplace and constructed "how to" guidelines. Be prepared for managing...

Effective Project Management Through Applied Cost and Schedule Control

1st Edition

James Bent, Kenneth K. Humphreys
May 01, 1996

This work outlines a state-of-the-art project control and trending programme, focusing on advanced applied-cost and schedule-control skills for all phases of a project at both owner and contractor level. It contains information on the three major aspects of the total project programme: the...

Cedac: A Tool for Continuous Systematic Improvement

1st Edition

Ryuji Fukuda
May 01, 1996

When you're trying to improve quality and productivity, it's essential to target the right problems, get the right people involved in solving them, and make sure the solutions work. CEDAC will help you do all three. CEDAC, or Cause-and-Effect Diagram with the Addition of Cards, is a modification of...

Naked Management: Bare Essentials For Motivating The X-Generation At Work

1st Edition

Marc H. Muchnick
April 23, 1996

With highly negative stereotypes circulating about "X'ers," all managers have a clear and justifiable prerogative for reading Naked Management if they want to successfully navigate through what has been dubbed the "X-Crisis." Learn how to overcome worker apathy and management resentment.Naked...

Reengineering the Training Function: How to Align Training With the New Corporate Agenda

1st Edition

Donald Shandler
April 22, 1996

If you have questions about how to meet the demands of the new economy, corporate and organizational agendas, and the changing workplace you will find the answers in this well-written and concise book. Reengineering the Training Function provides a plan of action rich in strategies and tactics,...

Contemporary Ergonomics 1996

1st Edition

S. Robertson
April 09, 1996


QS-9000 Handbook: A Guide to Registration and Audit

1st Edition

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay
April 01, 1996

Here is a survival strategy for suppliers to the automotive industry. With QS-9000 serving as the new harmonized quality systems requirement of internal and external suppliers for Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, as well as other automobile and truck manufacturers and assemblers, the QS-9000...