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Hospitality Marketing and Consumer Behavior: Creating Memorable Experiences

Vinnie Jauhari
June 05, 2017

Creating memories and joyous experiences for consumers is a key dimension affecting the profitability and growth of a hospitality firm. Drawing on global experiences, this new book, Hospitality Marketing and Consumer Behavior: Creating Memorable Experiences, looks at the diverse factors that create...

The 21st Century Meeting and Event Technologies: Powerful Tools for Better Planning, Marketing, and Evaluation

Seungwon "Shawn" Lee, Dessislava Boshnakova, Joe Goldblatt
July 06, 2016

Here is the first book to specifically and comprehensively address the rapid changes and advances in technology in the planning, management, and marketing of meetings and events. The multigenerational trio of authors, including Joe Goldblatt and two of his former students, Seungwon "Shawn" Lee and...

Satellite Marketing: Using Social Media to Create Engagement

Kevin Popovic
May 24, 2016

Satellite marketing uses multiple social media sites as a series of marketing sub-stations or "satellites." Each satellite is a stand-alone marketing effort, which means that if and when your prospects are engaged, they are being introduced to your brand, your product and services, and your...

Lean for Sales: Bringing the Science of Lean to the Art of Selling

Sean Gillespie, Michael V. Testani, Sr., Sreekanth Ramakrishnan
February 25, 2016

This groundbreaking book describes the Lean journey as it extends to a business area that is mission critical, yet has been virtually untouched by the Lean transformation. Lean for Sales: Bringing the Science of Lean to the Art of Selling provides sales professionals, and their management teams,...

Odyssey --The Business of Consulting: How to Build, Grow, and Transform Your Consulting Business

Imelda K. Butler, Shayne Tracy
May 14, 2015

This book provides consultants with a career framework to build, grow, and transform their consulting businesses by becoming brilliant at the basics. The Odyssey process challenges current thinking and offers a methodology to help readers rise to the top of the profession by applying leading-edge...

The Art of Consultative Selling in IT: Taking Blue Ocean Strategy a Step Ahead

Venkatesh Upadrista
January 27, 2015

If IT companies seek to differentiate themselves from the competition, they must turn to consultative selling. Consultative selling is analyzing the needs and challenges of your customers and selling unique services that enable your customers to reduce costs, increase profits, and improve overall...

Building Network Capabilities in Turbulent Competitive Environments: Business Success Stories from the BRICs

Paul Hong, YoungWon Park
December 19, 2014

Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) are among the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world. The enormous size of the customer base in these emerging markets is the strategic concern of global business firms. Successful market performance in these markets requires sound understanding...

Global Supply Chain Quality Management: Product Recalls and Their Impact

Barbara B. Flynn, Xiande Zhao
November 21, 2014

While there is substantial research surrounding manufacturing and design-related product hazards, little has been written about supply chain product hazards and how they impact supply chain quality management. Filling this need, Global Supply Chain Quality Management: Product Recalls and Their...

E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service

Garry Lee
July 28, 2014

The 2014 International Conference on E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Service (EEE 2014) was held on May 1-2, 2014, Hong Kong. This proceedings volume assembles papers from various professionals, leading researchers, engineers, scientists and students and presents innovative ideas and research results...

Creating and Marketing New Products and Services

Rosanna Garcia
April 11, 2014

It’s no secret that some of the most successful companies, such as 3M, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and Mercedes-Benz, are also known for their new product development strategies. Creating and Marketing New Products and Services teaches the key business and marketing principles needed to...

Data Mining Mobile Devices

Jesus Mena
June 18, 2013

With today’s consumers spending more time on their mobiles than on their PCs, new methods of empirical stochastic modeling have emerged that can provide marketers with detailed information about the products, content, and services their customers desire.Data Mining Mobile Devices defines the...

Machine-to-Machine Marketing (M3) via Anonymous Advertising Apps Anywhere Anytime (A5)

Jesus Mena
May 02, 2012

In today’s wireless environment, marketing is more frequently occurring at the server-to-device level—with that device being anything from a laptop or phone to a TV or car. In this real-time digital marketplace, human attributes such as income, marital status, and age are not the most reliable...